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wts original sealed crate 1500 rds WWII 30/06 incendiary

Location: Boerne,Texas

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GADS DONT MAKE ME OPEN THIS THING UP! most likely the last one on the PLANET!   I believe  the blue tip 30/06 incendiary was made only ONE YEAR? the protection in the fighters advanced so fast it just couldn't do the job. IN the 50's and 60's you couldn't give this stuff away due to an article in AMERICAN RIFLEMAN that incorrectly stated it would ignite in the bore of a semi auto or bolt action  causing severe damage. WHAT A JOKE! made me happy! I scored a couple hundred K rounds for less than ball  and sent it all down range along with every exotic small bore round I could scrounge in  any caliber. its in a wooden crate that is rough but still has the red/yellow stripe and the internal zincliner is still sealed but has been coated with heavy red primer to keep it from rusting. inside are 75 - 20 round boxes with the red and yellow stripe . these often fetch up to $150 each when they hit the table at the shows. I still have several thousand I packed in 50 cans for ease and still shoot it every time conditions are good. 100% SURE FIRE it works perfect in GARANDS,  FN-49's and of course the Brownings go after it like a starving great white. I have always kept all my ammo in climate controlled storage insure its life but most likely this lot came out of the pacific from the look of the wood. offered at $7000.00 plus actual shipping legal continental U.S ONLY 

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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