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Anyone interested in ELR shooting get your wallets and reloading gear out. I just received my Ivey Shooting (Stephen Ivey) 200 min. base for my ELR rifles. After waiting 3 months they arrived and I was not disappointed. This heavy duty uni-base/ring combo is a beast.(comes in 30,34,35 and 40 mm). Very heavy duty and manufactured to extreme precision. This base gives you 200 minutes of elevation right out of the box, in addition to the elevation of your scope. In the case of a Nightforce NXS or ATACR scope that's an additional 200 minutes on top of the 100 minutes of the scope! This will allow you to shoot out to 4K yards, as long as your rifle and your skills are up to the task.

They are not cheap, but nothing well made is.

Between $650-$850 depending on which model.

RTM 50 is the generic model #.

Anyone interested email me and I'll give you a direct phone number to call and talk to Clay. It's his private cell #, so I'm not putting it out there.




Welsh Warrior

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Guys, I can't say enough good about Stephen Ivey from Project One, LLC. The short story is I dropped my new RTM 50 mount the other day. I've been having the shakes because of my condition, but I really wanted to do something the other day in my shop, so I tried to mount the base/ring combination on a Sako TRG rifle..yea well guess what, I dropped the $800 mount from about 4' onto the concrete floor in my gun room!! Never, ever had something like that happened to me. I was sick, literally.I sent the base back with a letter explaining what happened and that I accepted full responsibility for the damage , and would pay to have it repaired. Within 2 days, Stepehn sent the mount back repaired with new parts, express mail insured...for free.

Now I ask, who does this in this day and age? Not too many people I have to say. I was so shocked and appreciative of this kindness. Ivey Shooting products is a fantastic vendor. If you'e into ELDS these guys make products you might like.

Thank you Stephen Ivey@ Ivey Shooting Products and also a big thanks to Clay at Project One LLC.



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