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USW-320 UPGRADE CHASSIS The B&T USW320 Universal Service Weapon Upgrade Chassis converts the standard Sig Sauer P320 and the US Army M17 service pistol into the Universal Service Weapon configuration. This configuration will enable the operator to effectively and accurately engage targets out to 50 meters and beyond. Distances that was thought to be impossible with a standard handgun.

USW-320 - Specifications
Width: 43 mm (with folding stock closed)
Weight: 188 g (empty lower with folding stock)
Stock pull: 360 mm
NAR Rails: 1
Magazines: any P320 magazine 17 rounds or bigger
Handling: ambidextrous
Shoulder stock: foldable, right side

The USW-320 Upgrade Chassis is a Swiss designed, engineered and produced polymer lower for the SIG
Sauer P320 that, once converted, combines the size of a normal duty pistol but extends the range, accuracy
and effectiveness to that of a 9 mm police carbine. It is ideal for general Police work but also for Airport Police,
Railway Police, Customs Service, Harbor Security and Air Marshals. Anywhere, where the chance for a
longer distance shot is possible.
A B&T designed retention holster will be available soon. The various types of attachments for the holster (belt/
thigh/MOLLE) will provide safe and reliable portage of the weapon during all missions.
The features of the USW-320 will enable the shooter to produce very tight shot groups at 25 meters / 27 yards
and to place fi rst round incapacitating hits at distances beyond 50 meters / 55 yards. This is possible even
under the stress of a life-threatening confrontation. The purpose designed holster will enable the operator to
draw and fi re the weapon in less than 1.0 seconds at a target without the stock extended. Unfolding the stock
during the draw process adds less than 0.4 seconds.
The USW-320 is the perfect upgrade for the P320. So join the upgrade revolution.

Color: black, coyote tan, please email me the color you want . call or text me for more info: six10five70three240

Price is $299 , funds via PayPAL "F&F", USPS MO, personal checks, or Zelle



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