WTS: Kriegs & SS Battle Flags "Cotton" Made to fool

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Very very well made flags nearly identical to a period made flag, the maker definitely copied from an original They are made from the type of material like you would find on one of the Original Harbor flags it's almost identical to that. where the tie and attaching loop & string are is white heavy cotton the string and rope have heavy stitching attaching them to the flag The flags Are 3x5 ft the flags are marked 91X152 in the correct places. 

TO VIEW PICS http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=967957

your choice flag 55.00e both for 95.00 shipped

I accept Google pay its fast and secure all you need is a Gmail account! very easy to use.


i have sold quite a bit on here and try to get people to leave reviews on here but they just dont... so i will post some of the feed back received from buyers 

Timothy Jr Lawrence
4:46 PM (15 hours ago)
to me 
Got the eagle today,looks good!thank you,tim.

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07-12-2018 Awesome 
06:20 PM

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Default Awesome 
Definitely a beautiful extremely well made. And packed very carefully. I will purchase another if given the chance. A+++++++!

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07-10-2018 Re: armbands

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Default armbands
Hello Jerry

I got that group of armbands.

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Jerry Unroe 

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