WTS: 3 piece RK silver plate frame Panzer badge bronze SS EM buckle Luftwaffe Desk Eagle EK 2nd Clasp

Location: MILTON PA

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 Made to Fool Museum Quality Items not the Junk typically on the market this stuff is just outstanding its intended to be used as an authentic looking filler at pennies on the dollar compared to a period piece i always have the best stuff on the market at the best price most of the time i am selling these top notch pieces cheaper then online dealers are asking for that chinese CRAP!!! Don't confuse my stuff with the AWFUL stuff from REX or anywhere related...because its not!!! I prefer to sell the Group but if you want something individually they are marked below all prices include shipping To view pictures http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=968279


if you are looking for something and dont see it or want a specific filler that you just cant find and want it aged so it looks right in your collection there is almost a 1000% chance i can take care of you feel free to contact me

Group is available as Aged Or new untouched Both type is pictured



3 piece RK silver plate frame 79.00

Panzer badge bronze 19.00

SS EM buckle 17.00

Luftwaffe Desk Eagle 55.00

EK 2nd Clasp 25.00

Group of 7 armbands "please see pictures" 55.00


I accept Google Wallet its Fast and secure it is affiliated with PP and comes with Buyer protection. all you need is a Gmail account it is very easy to use my Mother figured it out... Im not kidding

there is no way to leave reviews here . Below is just a couple people emailing me letting me know they got there order as you can see from there compliments they were quite please

Timothy Jr Lawrence 4:46 PM (15 hours ago) to me Got the eagle today,looks good!thank you,


tim. vonsigler's Avatar 07-12-2018  Awesome Definitely a beautiful extremely well made. And packed very carefully. I will purchase another if given the chance. A+++++++!


Kecon's Avatar 07-10-2018 Re: armbands Hello Jerry I got that group of armbands.

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Jerry Unroe 

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