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WTS : New Full Auto Rated Suppressors

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WTS : New Full Auto Rated Suppressors

Elite Iron has been a premier designer and manufacturer of professional grade firearms equipment and accessories for 15 years. We are especially well known for our professional grade sound suppressors that are designed to provide enhanced accuracy and superior sound reduction for calibers ranging from .17 HMR through .50 BMG, which includes all favorite hunting calibers and wildcat cartridges.

CQC1.jpgCQC1 Brake.jpgThe CQC1 was designed with HRT, ERT, SWAT, and military personnel in mind to provide them with a compact and lightweight unit. The CQC1 is rated for .223/5.56. The CQC1 includes the CQC1 tactical brake for rifle attachment

$620 normally $775 ___________________________________________________________________

battledog_30cal.jpgBRAVO1 brake.jpgThe BATTLEDOG was designed to supply the tactical world with a small effective .30 cal suppressor. There has been increased demand for more knockdown power in close quarter situations and the BATTLEDOG is an excellent choice. This suppressor also works excellent on the 7.62×39, 5.56×45 and .300 Blackout short barrel rifles and greatly reduces the breech blow back on these systems. The 3 piece system includes the BRAVO 1 tactical brake for rifle attachment.

$620 normally $775 ___________________________________________________________________

Bravo1.jpgBRAVO1 brake.jpgThe BRAVO 1 was originally designed for the .308 ARMALITE AR-10 Gas Rifle. This model remains very popular due to its ability to handle a variety of different calibers and applications, including bolt action rifles. The BRAVO 1 uses the BRAVO 1 tactical brake to attach to the rifle, making swapping the suppressor to other weapons a breeze. The multi-caliber ability allows use of .300 Blackout, 6.5, .30-06 and .223/5.56 calibers Breech blowback on semi-automatic rifles is greatly reduced by this suppressor.

$636 normally $795 ___________________________________________________________________

1_CQC1.jpgThe DELTA MOD2 is a direct thread suppressor designed for .223/5.56 rifles only. This more compact design is ideal for close quarters or tight spaces.

$576 normally $720 ___________________________________________________________________

Elite Iron strives to help our customers have all the information needed to make the best suppressor choice. Please feel free to call us at 406-244-0234 to ask any questions you might have.

Class 3 Dealers: Email Kathy at info@EliteIron.com and mention our ad on Sturmgewehr.com to receive dealer pricing information.

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