WTS MAG-58 M240/M249 SAW parts &accessories for new SEMI 249 Also

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Here are spare parts  for Builds and for the New FN Semi M249 SAW and MAG-58 /M240 LMG (all interchangeable)
M240/M249 Rare Flex mount cradle with ammo Can rack for use with 7.62 or 5.56 belts , Uses small Pintle, exc. condition 325.00
M240/M249 tripod Pintle, 75.00
M240 Barrel heat shields new in carton 75.00
M240L FN Short CQB barrel complete new in wrap 800.00
M240 Rail top cover stripped new 225.00
M240 Rare Right hand feed cover new stripped 250,00
M240 Rare Right feed tray new 125.00
M240 50 rnd side belt drums new 65.00
M240 Bolt complete with ejector and extractor 225.00
M240 Op-Rod and Piston new 200.00
M240 Top Cover parts set complete to build a stripped top cover, all new 225.00
M240 Bipod used exc. condition 85.00
M240 Hydraulic Buttstock exc .complete  100.00
M240 Cocking handle complete 100.00
M240 Firing Pin new 45.00
M240 Recoil assembly new in wrap 50.00
M240 T&E tripod mechanism exc. Cond. 125.00
M240 Combo tool as new  30.00
M240 Blank adapter 25.00 new
M240 Front sight tool 30.00
M240 Padded sling new 20.00
M240 Ejection door and pin 30.00
M240 Voretex flash hider, 98% flash elimination new condition 50.00
M240 standard flash hider new condition 35.00
M240 Front sling ring and pin 45.00
M240 Barrel change lever complete assembly 70.00
M240 Bipod sliding lockdown assembly 50.00
M249/MK46 SAW
I have 10 new M249 100 rnd nutsacks, 17.00 ea.
200 rnd Coyote drums 30.00 ea. new (Only 2 available)
SAW Belt drum adapter bracket,new 50.00 (1 Available)
New Para short barrel in wrap 150.00
New standard 20 inch  barrel 175.00
New Collapsible Para Savit stock complete in wrap 100.00
MK-46 3 Rail Handguard for top of Front or Bottom Very Rare,  100.00 Sold elsewhere for 700.00 plus!
KAC Tri-Rail handguard new, 85.00
Rail top cover new stripped, 225.00
Parts set for top cover 275.00
Recoil spring 35.00
Recoil spring guide assembly 100.00
Gas tube assembly 150.00
Bolt Complete new  150.00
Bolt stripped new, 125.00
Ejector arm and spring 40.00
Firing Pin and spring 35.00
Bolt Carrier with Roller 150.00
Rear sight complete with screws and washers 85.00
Top cover hinge pin assembly 3 piece set 50.00
Complete trigger group 250.00
Op-Rod with Piston 125.00
Slide/Bolt carrier with Roller 150.00
Gas tube 125.00
New Bolt stripped 125.00 New Bolt complete 150.00
Ejector set complete 45.00
Recoil guide rod new 100.00
Top Cover depressor pawls and springs with pin set 75.00
Feed arm 75.00
Barrel change lever assembly complete with Pin and spring 100.00
Latches for rear of Top cover with spring 40.00
Dust cover with spring and side pins 40.00
Mag well cover with pin 50.00
Charging Handle 100.00
Feed tray, standard 100.00
MK-46 Feed tray with holding pawls 150.00
Recoil spring 35.00
Barrel latch lever only 85.00
Trigger group frame new 80.00
Ejection port cover and pin 35.00  
Tripod pintle 75.00
Sling , padded 20.00
Carbon combo tool 20.00
Voretex military flash hider 99% reduction 40.00
Takedown lower pin 20.00
Takedown large knob Top pin 30.00
Sear 35.00
Trigger guard 10.00
Trigger 20.00
Trigger spring 10.00
Paypal or M.O. ok
Also have MAG-58 /M240 Parts, in stock, enquire
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