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So ive been looking at buying a Sten MKii. The MKIII and the MKV are out of the price range at the moment. I have been seeing most MKIIs that are not C&Rs going for about 7k-8k. The C&Rs are going for about 10k at least. 

Anyways, i know the DLOs are great, and from what I have been reading I should try to stay away from the CATCOs and one main reason is that the tubes were made thinner? 

I have seen some made by Specialty Arms, XRing, and even Pearl Manufacturing but I cant find really any information about them out there. I am hoping to come across a good deal on a DLO soon. 

Anyone have any tips or know anything about those manufacturers? 

What are the main problems to occur in a Sten? 


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Nice guns. I personally don't think you could go wrong with any STEN Mk. 2, regardless of manufacture.

Mine has been great since day one. Other than an occasional cartridge that gets caught between the edge of the bolt and inside of the receiver, which I still haven't figured out, mine runs great. There is not much that can go wrong with them. The only suggestion I would make it to get one that has the tube marked. Not all of them were marked as such.

A 7.62x25 STEN conversion is pretty freakin' sweet, too. 

Spare parts are readily available and cheap.

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DLO guns are usually ok and any pearl gun should be fine. with stens the main problem is many sold tubes ONLY and they could have been cobbled together by "BUBBA" I would not buy anything that was not proven to run. demand a video, if they refuse another will show up.over the years we learned the mags caused a lot of the problems so only use first class examples with good springs. on the 7.62x25 I agree its a great set up. DONT HOLD YOUR BREATH LOOKING FOR DECENT AMMO THESE DAYS. I have several guns in that cal   all the surplus is going bad. new commercial is .40 a rnd PLUS. I bought 2k rnds NEW PPU commercial and my PPS43 sounds like a  novice running keys on a piano down the keyboard 

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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