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Hey guys, 

What does everyone think of the Romanian Romak ii? I dont really know a lot about them and just want some general information. I just bought it and its being sent to my dealer so I should get it in a couple days. As far as I know its a pre ban AK imported from Romania during the Clinton Administration in 1997. 

I am going to pick up a Dead Air Wolverine for it, and as I understand the ak74 variants all have the threads cut onto the sight and not the barrel? Does anyone know why they decided to do that? 

Also if I change anything on it or "deban" it do I have to change anything else for 922r compliance? 



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when you want to use a suppressor on any AK,  KNS MFG makes a "tuneable" gas piston for them that will be a nice addition. it is model specific so check out the webb site . they make good stuff and are great guys.  that *&(&^% 922r thing is too dang complicated for my head. I pretty much ignore it for my own use and don't sell any new post ban stuff so no worries here. I guess it could cause some problems , that's why I live in TEXAS. hell we may be negotiating treatys with DC one day who knows? if not, I will almost gladly let them house me and figure out how to get my damned medication without kissing somebody's rose

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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