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M16A1 Marked Commando LNIB XM177 43,995.00

Location: Arizona

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Up for sale is a Colt M16A1 Commando. IT is a model 619. They did not mark the guns with that model number many had no designation. This one is Marked Commando. It is basically a commercial export model of the 609 Military XM177 rifle for Vietnam.
Was made about the 1970 1971 era.Very rare. The only difference between it and the 609 Model was it did not have the Property U.S. Govt print. This is a rare MG and only comes up every 2 to 3 years. Also to have one in a test fired only condition is even rarer. The Moderator has the ATF number added to the housing as they felt this was a silencer. This was done in 1975. This is on a form 3 and will go out on E form in one or two days.  Thomas Earl Stewart SOT since 2000 You can call me at 602-763-8867 for more info.

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