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Hello fellow Sturmgewehr enthusiasts. My name is Gentry Lee Tipton and am a prior service two tour combat tour Marine. I started a Sole Proprietor business based upon a Patent Pending accessory for the Heckler & Koch 90 series weapon systems last year. Out of Necessity Comes Innovation I say for function of our available weapon systems. My choice for some years has been the Delayed Roller Blowback Mechanism hands down. My pursuit of weapon optimization led me to fabricate my own cheek piece mount I have been utilizing for years. Thus, my current production of this part is an advanced rendition of the original named the Invertible Cheek Piece Mount.  I hope other HK advocates out there appreciate it as much as I do. Thank You. www.tiptontactical.org

ICM Right Side Close.jpg

ICM R Side Expanded Inverted.jpg

ICM Mounted L Side Close.jpg

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Product no longer available

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Your link could not be found...

Sounds like a good idea ,

always a problem with military rifles one size doesn't fit all.

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Roger that Montana, fixed the link. Correct on fitting. The lip of the sling slot where the ICM rests allows precise pin hole alignment. A very small amount of plastic may need to be removed on top to allow the ICM to drop, and for pins to drop in with finger pressure. The ICM II on an MP5 stock doesn't have this problem. Thanks for your comments, and heads up on the link.

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