M60 commando or CAR transferable RIA 51,995.00

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Up for sale is a M60 RIA fully Transferable Machine Gun. I have test fired this Weapon and it works great no issues. Looks to be fired lightly.  It is setup as a commando. Here is what is installed. RIA Springfield receiver. Butt Stock M60 Standard, Lower Trigger M60 Standard, Standard Top cover, Carry handle, Sights, and Ammo Hanger, M60 E4 Commando Barrel and gas system, This Barrel is the heavy Fluted and Sterilite lined. The compensator is of unknown origin but works great. 51,995.00 with shipping. It is on a Form 3 and will E Form to your class II dealer.   I have tried and list this as accurately as possible. If anyone has info on this M60 let me know. 602-763-8867
Thanks Tom














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   Just to clarify. This M60 has a CAR60 Barrel and forward pistol grip on it. The CAR-60 kits were designed by RIA and they started selling them in 1984. In 1985 Saco introduced the M60e3 conversion kit and RIA stopped production on the CAR-60 kits shortly thereafter. The kits, which were deisgned to shorten / lighten the M60, included a modified M14 bipod, a forward pistol grip, and a heavy fluted barrel.

    As mentioned above, these fluted barrels are rare to come across anymore. The compensator as yourself u mentioned is Machined Into the barrel itself. 

    Below is a magazine cover from 1984 which showcased this CAR-60 kit. Also a picture of some CAR-60 barrels I’ve acquired over the years. 

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa




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