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Purchased an Mk760 posted on this site from Michael Mosier, of Granbury Tx. May 2017

also uses FFL of Panther Creek Arms. Sent cashiers check, completed form 4 and submitted.

Form 4 approved and sent to him 1st of May, 2018. Said he was on vacation for 2 weeks and I needed to wait until his return. After his return he said he can’t send everything because he is moving and it’s packed away and he can’t find it. Tells me that he is moving at the end of June and when he completes the move and finds all the accessories he will send them.

He has the money. I have.........

comments, thoughts, anyone know this guy


thank you all




I have additional information for this guy. Copy of DL, copy of FFL, copy of SOT

copy of Employee ID badge, home address, work address and cell phone number.

Thank You for the supportive responses, I have contacted ATF from Fort Worth office. She has requested a detailed E-mail. I will continue to update. 

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you know ....... you would get help Faster ........ if you TYPED this guys name ........ IN YOUR TITLE !

HELP US ........ HELP YOU !


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Hi, I am very sorry to hear about your bad situation. What I would do is contact the Attorney General of the State of Texas and tell them that you have a person who has a machine gun that is not registered to them and that he defrauded you out of a lot of money. I would also contact ATF both in Washington DC as well as getting hold of the local agent in Texas. Good luck and I hope all works out well. Take care, Schmeisser Guy

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Schmeisser Guy has it right.


More information would be helpful to track down this Scammer.  

Sorry for your predicament. 

Hope   Stermgewehr members will help. 

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WOW, been there done that. sorry to hear its still going on. I was fortunate in my case it was a small town. got the sheriff himself first call. he actually paid the guy a visit and promised to come back with a warrant if I did not confirm receipt in 5 days. it arrived  OVERNIGHT !  I would think ATF is your best shot to get this guy moving.  be sure and let us know if things change and GOOD LUCK. mike

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Thats insane, sorry to hear about your situation. I had that happen to me on an SBR one time but the guy cancelled it before it could transfer to me. 

Involving the ATF and letting them know someone is in illegal possession of YOUR machine gun that you purchased from him legally and the local ATF branch out there will have someone out there probably that day. They will send someone out there at ten at night if they want and that person will not be in a good mood. Good luck with everything, keep us updated! 

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