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Ssurgeon Scalpel Short Action

Location: Columbus, IN.

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This Surgeon Scalpel Short Action is NOS unfired.  Purchased by me back in 11/06/2008.  Purchased directly from Surgeon Rifle Co. Prague, OK.  The wait time on one of these was over 1 year, even back then before they became more well known.  I ordered it with the options shown in the pics.  Heavy bbl. Tactical bolt knob, McMillian A5 woodland camo stock, Surefire muzzle break.  They supplied the suppressor and serial numbered it to the rifle.  There are no spacers on the stock to adjust the length of pull.  It is set to 13 1/2 inches.  The barrel length is 20 inches.  Rifle total length is 43 inches without the suppressor mounted.  Mounted, it is 48 3/4 inches. Weight of empty rifle is 19 pounds. They also supplied the extra Accuracy Int. mags.  This was all built and test fired by them.  No issues to worry about, all professionally done.  The only aftermarket additions are the Trijicon 5X20 mil. dot scope, the Badger Ordnance Tac. rings, along with a Harris BR-S bipod and the pod lock.  The sling is a Tactical Intervention, with arm support.  An Otis sniper cleaning kit is provided, along with the Seekonk 65 in. lb. torque wrench.  A working Angle Cosine indicator is supplied, along with a Trigon Technologies sniper log book.  This log book is mint, and is the one that was issued to Seal Team 6. I know that, because I was friends with the owner of that supplier.  No idea what that’s worth.  Everything is electronic now.  The last two items with the rifle are the Surgeon marked side rail for the Laser Devices 5 mw. red laser and the remote switch.  Here is a web link to Surgeon’s web page for building this rifle now in 2018.
I am pricing this package minus the suppressor, but it is for sale with the rifle. It is on a Form 4 and requires a tax stamp.  No ammunition is included either, that in the pic’s.  is available as a separate purchase, to the buyer.  If you are a serious buyer, then please do the math. on the package and options.  Please email if you want to know the suppressor cost, and have it added on.  To build this rifle new at today’s prices per Surgeon’s build page, would be around $5,620.00.  The Surefire suppressor runs about $1,950.00 for the latest upgraded model of the same one.  Trijicon scope retail, around$1,399.00.  Badger 30mm rings $175.00.    The Pelican Storm case $229.00.  Harris bipod and pod lock $130.00.  The Seekonk wrench, $99.00 at Brownells.  Extra AI mags. 5rd. X3 $67.00ea. the 10rd. $82.00 X2  at Brownells.  Angle cosine indicator $187.00.  Laser Devices ITAL $603.00.  Otis cleaning kit $47.00.  Tac. Int. sling $76.00.  The Trigon log book $? A collector item, but I’ll put $130.00 on it.  So you may or may not want the rifle as I configured it, and I understand, so I am trying to price it accordingly, but to build one today, almost exactly, would cost about $9,040.00 less the suppressor.  Add retail for that, $1,935.00  I know this add is confusing, and this is a lot of money, so email with questions, or a quote for the suppressor, with the rifle.  Rifle kit as described without the Surefire $7,350.00 plus shipping.  With matching suppressor, $8,650.00 plus actual shipping.  FFL for rifle, the suppressor is on a Form 4 in IN.  If you want to see the gun, email to set up an appointment.  To make your trip worthwhile, I have a MarColMar  PKM kit NOS also to sell, but haven't did an add yet.  Lot's of ammunition for either gun.  The Surgeon is cross listed on GB.  Have more pics. there.


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