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WTB M1A1 Thompson

Location: Virginia

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I'm not one to post WTB ads, as I feel that one would be better off actively searching. However, given the rarity of a nice M1A1 Thompson, I feel this would be a good exception.


I'm looking for a factory original, US Property stamped M1A1 Thompson. By factory original, I mean that it was made as an M1A1 and not upgraded from an M1. More details are as follows:


1. Bridgeport, CT

2. Matching Serial Numbers

3. Original Finish or Govt. Facility Refinish

4. Form 4 Non-Dealer Sample (Transferable)

5. WWII Era


If you have a gun fitting these requirements that you are willing to sell, or have a lead on a possible match, please let me know. Thanks.

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