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WTB: C2A1 / C1A1 parts (ANY & ALL!)

Location: Cajun Country, Louisiana

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Greetings all, this is my first post, glad to be here...branching out from the FAL Files!  I go by the same user handle 'Capt D' over there, and I've got nearly 300 positive feedback @ 100% in the iTrader there, as well:

I am looking hard for any and all parts to build as close to a true-to-form C2A1 as possible.  I don't have endless funds, BUT(!) I am ready to cough up the cash (or trade fodder) for the right deals.  I've currently got a NOS Australian L2 barrel, C1/C2 lower, and stock/buttplate as a build basis, and at this time I am in great need of the following Canada proofed items:

- C2 or L2 gas block

- C1/C2 bolt carrier

- Stripper clip tangent top cover (I know these are like Sasquatch claws/unicorn turds, but I just have to try...)

- Stripper clip top cover with the double reinforced rear tabs (just a nice-to-have...I've got one of the 'normal' ones)

- C1/C1 Canadian walnut pistol grip (I've got a couple Brit grips that will suffice, but a real Canuck grip would be ideal)

- C1/C2 Canadian hammer & sear

I've got a good few of the other original Canadian parts I need, but I'd definitely entertain somewhat of a 'bulk buy' if anyone is amenable to such a thing...I'm never averse to having spares of the more rare items...thanks all for taking the time to look :)

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I am looking for a rear sight base for c1-c2 if you run across 1 you don't need or would like to sell... Been trying to find one for months now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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