FLIR See Spot III Scope $6999.99

Location: VA Beach, VA

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See Spot III is a small light weight infrared camera with an integral high resolution liquid crystal display LCD view finder. The battery operated thermal imaging is completely self contained and designed for easy operation. It is sensitive to infrared energy in the MWIR band and can also image a laser designator spot at 1.06 um for military application.

The unit has excellent thermal sensitivity for target discrimination and recognition in total darkness or in obsecured daylight conditions because it uses an advanced state of the art infrared Focal Plane Array FPA. The unit weighs 5.25 lbs with the standard 250mm dual band pass lens and is totally self contained. It operates on   a disposable 3.6 v lithium  D cell batteries or an external DC power supply. The camera provides an image to the user through the viewfinder and BNC  video output connector to an external monitor or VCR.

The unit is capable of creating a thermal image and displaying a laser designator spot simultaneously. The laser designator spot shows as a bright spot in the IR image. The spot is white Hot mode and black when in the Black Hot mode.

Comes with a ARMS rifle mount, with factory soft carry case.

wbeigel@cox.net  text 757 286 5409







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