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Colt 37mm M203 $2750

Location: Kent

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So, you've always said, I want an M203. But I don't want to have to register it as an NFA device. I have the solution in stock. A REAL COLT M203 with a 37mm bore. It transfers as a title one signalling device ( flares only) like a rifle or pistol. And while government M203's are 40mm, and this one is still marked 40mm, it's bore is 37mm. As such, ATF does not treat 37mm M203's as a destructive device. No 10 month wait, no $200 tax. Same day pickup, real colt product that is in every way (except the barrel) the same as government issued M203's. I only have one, contact me if you want this. $2750.
Colt collectors should be jumping at this one!

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