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WTS: 1953 Browning Auto 5 / 12 Gauge in EXC.+++

Location: Semi-Automatic Board

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1953 Browning Auto 5 / 12 Gauge in EXC.+++ condition. Blue finish is perfect and wood finish has very little wear which you have to examine closely to see. The top and sides of the receiver have factory engraving as well as the trigger guard which is beautiful. On the ejection port side a few inches up it has a star or series of stars designating the choke of the barrel, 1 star is full, 2 is modified, 3 imp cyl. & No star open cylinder. It has 1 star for full choke barrel. Brought to gunsmith to see what it was worth and was told it was a early 1950's model. Side of barrel is marked SPECIAL STEEL-12GA. 2 3/4" and top of barrel is marked BROWNING ARMS COMPANY ST LOUIS Mo. The serial number is 428835 with FN marking over the serial number. In 1952 FN took over production of the Browning Auto 5 starting with S/N 346001 to 387000 and 1953 starting with S/N 387001 to 438000. This Browning Auto 5 is S/N 428835 and really looks EXCEPTIONAL for its age and operates flawlessy. Do not have the manual or original box. $825 shipped firm or Best Reasonable Offer shipped.







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