Steel DIAS RDIAS $37,500

Location: Colorado

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Manufactured by Broadhead Armory in Michigan.  Selling to fund a startup business needing cash (www.DataProTools.com) and abandoning my M4 build.  A machinist was in the process of fabricating a replacement sear trip.

INCLUDED free with the sale are   
   Replacement Trip -- made from precipitation-hardened stainless 17-4 steel, rough cut almost finished, will also need final fitting and final heat treat.  
   Geissele SSF trigger -- new, installed but never fired, no package, includes slave pin and sear grease (not pictured).  
   Disconnector, Colt Mfg. -- in opened package, new unused.
   Full-Auto Selector Switch, Colt Mfg. -- new unused, no package.  
   Form Card (not pictured) -- thermosensitive plastic (search Form Card), may help with final shimming to your receiver.  

Full payment up-front.  Sorry not flexible on price, no trades, no discounts, no credit cards.  A Colorado FFL/SOT3 (To Bear Arms, LLC) will have possession of the RDIAS in either Form 4 (current) or Form 3 status.  You or your FFL may confirm this with them before sending money.  I will pay one $200 transfer fee to the FFL.  I will also pay for shipping by any common carrier that the buyer chooses, however shipping insurance costs and responsibility for the final package delivery are the buyer's.

You deserve a giggle switch.

DIAS IMG_1816 Right.jpg

DIAS IMG_1819 L rear.jpg

DIAS IMG_1825 Left F.jpg

DIAS IMG_1831 bottom l.jpg

DIAS IMG_1814 Group.jpg

DIAS IMG_1820 right rear.jpg

DIAS IMG_1823 R top f.jpg

DIAS IMG_1832 bottom.jpg

DIAS IMG_1862 Trip.jpg

DIAS IMG_1880 Form 4.jpg

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Just for clarification the replacement trip you began fabricating was only as a second trip or is the original trip installed in the photos not a viable trip? 

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The original trip was releasing the trigger just slightly early when we tried it by hand (slowly letting the bolt close).  We never tried it on a live fire test, so don't know if it would work or not.  (If it didn't work then it would have been due to letting the hammer ride the carrier home instead of falling full-speed onto the firing pin.)

The first choice to correct this would be to position the whole DIAS a bit further forward in the receiver.  My friend (the machinist) was interested in making trips for this and other DIAS units out of curiosity and possibly to sell to others.  We were going to make a new trip anyway, so we thought "let's just get the new trip made and then we can monkey with the timing."

I don't know if the early timing was due to my receiver/upper geometry or the DIAS/trip itself, but it was a matter of a few thousandths of a inch so I do not expect that it would be too much trouble to get running with the original trip in your host gun.

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Ah got it. 

No big deal. The one I own is finicky about hosts as well, would be nice to time through the sear instead of shimming the sear against the rear lug. 

Let me figure a few few things out. 

Thanks for the reply. 

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Is this still available?

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Yes, it is still available.

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