Tom Liemohn Kent Washingto

M16 A1 handgaurd sets $20 - $200 each

Location: Kent WA

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031e2399-3a01-4b6a-b871-db3b5d6d831d_zpsI acquired in trade some M16 A1 handgaurds. Varying in condition from poor yet serviceable to new in wrap. Limited to stock on hand. Prices need to add shipping and handling.

Condition and pricing as follows:

Poor: cracked, but serviceable. $20 per set

Good: worn finish, shiny with some scuff marks.$50

Very Good: some shine on the finish. No scuff marks or cracks. $75

Excellent:  Have been installed but no noteworthy wear. $150

As new: No longer has a wrapper, but is new condition. $175

New in wrap: As stated. Please note, I only have one imageproxy.php?img=&key=898bd455c4915183imageproxy.php?img=&key=898bd455c4915183 of new in wrap, one side only, paired with a mating as new opposite side. $200 

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