WTB AAC LBT Phoenix Ruger 22LR Holster Right Hand Holster (for a suppressed Ruger 22/45)

Location: USA

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Need at least one holster for someone downrange ASAP. Until we can make some more in the future with our other gear. Condition needed, new or like new.
If and when we make some more, as a thank you, we can return the favor and offer some of ours in a nice color. We also have some laser suppressor holsters for the HK MK24 (MK 24 Mod 0 with AAC Ti-Rant45 and Crimson Trace)
If a left hand draw is all you have, we may consider that as well. Payment PP. Please email with price shipped for USA, your pp payment email, and photo of holster with LBT tag to confirm. Photo of holster attached below, Thank you


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