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Thompson parts and mags

Location: Uhrichsville Ohio

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NOS 30 Rd mags                          $35 ea

“Shooter grade” 30 rd mags       $25 ea 
1928 wood set (compete)           $175
1928 wood set (minus metal)     $75
1928 ejector                                 $20
4-1928 Savage Actuators          $125 ea
2-Savage Blish Locks                 $35 ea
5-Lyman rear sights                    $20 ea
2-Savage guide rods                  $25 ea
3-Recoil springs                          $10 ea                
3-nylon buffers                           $10 ea
4-GI oil cans (go in stock)         $10 ea
1-1928 Savage bolt (complete) $125
Can deliver to Knob Creek next week. I am one of the line RO’s for the SubGun Match. 
Email, PM or call (330) 432-4598. Txt is fine also

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if you still have any, I'm interested it the 1928 complete Thompson Stock Sets. I'm looking for a GI set with the right patina, if you have something like that, please send pics.

I live in Aurora, Ohio

Regards, Ron Y.


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