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  1. ZB37 Parts/Receiver post86

    For SOT/07's: Centerfire Systems in Kentucky has parts kit. I have post86 completely restored/welded ZB37 receiver done by Don Quinnel (Don's Gunshop Ft Myers FL. Buy my receiver for $1200 OBO and Centerfire's kit. Their receiver is torch cut in six sections. Don did mine which was cut in three sections,years ago. Picture available. Also plenty of surplus 8mm Mauser available. Call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern, or email
  2. WTS: Czech ZB-37 Original Barrel

    Mfg in Czechoslovakia and used as heavy belt feed machine gun. 7.92×57 (8MM Mauser) with a cut receiver. Original pre-banned barrel. Includes Tripod, Feed Belt where legal and Belt Loader, and Ammo Box. $1995.00