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  1. for sale: Factory Belgian FN 2007 production 5.56x45 Non-corrosive, brass cased, boxer primed with 4 SS109 62 gr. projectiles and 1 tracer on M27 SAW links in a sealed .50 cal. can of 800 rds. @ $.40 per rd. for $320 + shipping. Yugo 7.62x39 brass cased, berdan primed, mildly corrosive M67 ammo with 123 gr. lead core projectile (safe for shooting in ranges) in a 1,260 rd. sealed tin in a sealed wood box @ $.25 per rd. for $315 + shipping. New Stripper clips that work are available for $.80 ea. with quantity discounts. E-mail for more pictures or question Directly to: Thanks, FNFAL5042