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  1. (this pic from BRP) This is definitely one of the most impressive upper receiver for the ar15 family, all German mg34 WWII parts except the US made receiver. This durable milled steel upper receiver alters the method of feed from magazine-only to belt-only and the caliber to 8mm Mauser or 308 ( requires 308 conversion kit, still available from BRP). It requires no modification to your lower receiver. Uses same push pins like the standard AR-15 / M16 upper receiver. Each XMG comes complete with all parts except for the lower receiver. It is capable of semi-auto-fire-only operation with AR-15 and variant weapons and selective-fire with M16 and variant weapons but may not be used on transferable machine guns (but can be used on a legal post sample m16 lower). It has a cycle rate of 700-1000 rounds per minute. The XMG is fed from MG34/42 50-round metal belts, two or more of which can be joined end to end. Its design is based on the MG-34 and it utilizes some parts from the MG-34. Most important are the bolt head, barrel, feed cover/tray, and muzzle parts. BRP XMG 34 8mm belt-fed upper for AR15 lower. Excellent condition and runs great too! Approximately 500 rds fired. Package includes complete upper assembly and associated parts, MG34/42/MG3 Gunner's sling (new), MG 42 anti aircraft tripod (like new). Tripod includes both, MG42 and custom MG34 mounts), 9 ammo cans total; 8 w/ 5-50rd belts (250rds each), 1 with 4-50rd belts (200 rds). And a total of 5 starter tabs (all belts are excellent - like new). I also have about 500rds of Romanian 8mm ammo available and 260rds of Yugo (196gr w/brass case). AR15 lower not included. Upper must be shipped to FFL. Everything listed above is valued at $6500. All for $5400 plus shipping Pricing if sold separately (plus shipping): XMG upper assy with sling, ammo can, & 4 belts $4550.00 MG 42 Anti-aircraft tripod w 2 mounts $ 300.00 8- ammo can w/5 belts each $ 400.00 5- starter tabs $ 25.00 approximately 750 rds ammo $ 350.00 James GSA - FFL/SOT Greenville, SC (864) 430-4286 mobile