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  1. WTS: P35 Radom & Hi Power Holsters - WW2 German Production 1940 Radom Holster: This is the most spectacular example of a wartime Radom holster that Ive ever had the pleasure of having in my collection. Its an early 1940 dated example with crisp WaA169 stamps and a CNY makers mark. The stitching is tight and leather is a stunning reddish brown in amazing shape. Structurally it is supple and retains its shape almost perfectly. This is a virtually un upgradeable example and would be an ideal mate to an early war gun. Contact as noted below with any questions. Price: $500.00 1943 Hi Power Holster: This is an extremely clean example of a mid war Hi Power holster. The condition is very fine but it does exhibit medium wear and marks throughout. The medium brown leather is supple and the closure strap is solid. It bears a slightly faded waffenamt along with a CGN makers mark and 43 year marking. All together this a very nice and intact example of a mid war holster, most of which saw hard use and few of which survived. Price: $300.00 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Paypal plus the fee Contact: Email - PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  2. German MP44 Sight Post $110.00

    I have for sale as shown in pics a German WW2 MP44 Sight Post, Late War Model, (Single Pin). $110.00 Shipped SOLD I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM TO ME WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS. Thank you for looking, Aryck
  3. WTS: Mint Pre Pearl Harbor Lend Lease M1 Garand It pains me to let this one go but its time for this war horse to find a new home. This rifle is as close to a factory new M1 that you will find, a real crown jewel to any collection. The 6 digit SN puts production by Springfield in November of 1941, just prior to the attacks at Pearl Harbor. Additionally, the barrel bears proof marks from Birmingham indicating transfer to the British government as a lend lease item. The front sight is the correct blade type with seal present and the rear adjustment drums bear the early “Battle Range” markings. The barrel is dated 11/41 and is in fantastic condition with sharp lands and grooves and a beautiful shine. The stock is beautiful and bears the correct narrow channel, the S.A./G.H.S stamps, the ordnance crossed cannons, and the “P” firing proof. I would rate the finish at a very conservative 98% with nearly no noticeable wear with the exception of the gas cylinder (see photos). Overall this is a nearly un-upgradable example of a pre war Garand with its own unique and verifiable history. Shipping and fees additional. Individual part numbers are as follows: Bolt: D 28287-2 S Trigger Guard: C46025-3 SA Trigger Housing: C46008-2 SA Hammer: C46008-2 SA Op-Rod: D 35382-3 SA Price: $4800 or best offer
  4. Johnson M1941 Johnson M1941 Semi-Automatic Rifle with original spike bayonet and leather sheath. The 10-round rotary magazine could be quickly reloaded using two clips of .30 Caliber M2 Ball ammunition. Type Semi-automatic rifle Place of origin United States Service history In service 1941–1945 1941–1961 (worldwide) Used by See Users Wars World War II Indonesian National Revolution Chinese Civil War Bay of Pigs Invasion Production history Designer Melvin Johnson Designed 1939 Manufacturer Johnson Automatics, Inc. No. built ~70 000 cost per unit $125 Variants VF-1 (Argentine copy) Specifications Mass 9.5 lb (4.31 kg) Length 45.87 in (1,165 mm) Barrel length 22 in (560 mm) Cartridge .30-06 Springfield 7×57mm Mauser (Chilean variant) .270 Winchester Action Short-recoil, rotating bolt Muzzle velocity 2,840 ft/s (866 m/s) Feed system 10 round rotary magazine Sights Adjustable Iron Sigh Abridged history from Wikipedia: The M1941 Johnson Rifle is an American short-recoil operated semi-automatic rifle designed by Melvin Johnson prior to World War II. The M1941 competed unsuccessfully with the U.S. M1 Rifle. [edit] Senator Morris Sheppard, left, Chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, Maj. Gen. George A. Lynch, U.S. Chief of Infantry, and Senator A.B. Chandler of Kentucky, inspect the M1941 semi-automatic rifle which competed to replace the M1 gas-operated rifle as the Army's standard shoulder weapon. The M1941 rifle used the energy from recoil to cycle the rifle. As the bullet and propellant gases move down the barrel, they impart force on the bolt head which is locked to the barrel. The barrel, together with the bolt, moves a short distance rearward until the bullet leaves the barrel and pressure in the bore drops to safe levels. The barrel then stops against a shoulder allowing the bolt carrier to continue rearward under the momentum imparted by the initial recoil stage. The rotating bolt, with eight locking lugs, would then unlock from the chamber as cam arrangement rotates and unlocks the bolt to continue the operating cycle. The Johnson rifle utilized a two-piece stock and a unique 10-round rotary magazine, designed to use the same 5-round stripper clips already in use by the M1903 Rifle. This system had some advantages in comparison to the M1 Garand rifle, such as a greater magazine capacity combined with the ability to recharge the magazine with ammunition (using 5-round clips or individually) at any time, even with the bolt closed on a chambered round. Finally; that the Johnson rifle did not—unlike the M1 Rifle—eject an en bloc clip upon firing the last round in the magazine, was considered an advantage by some soldiers. A widely-held belief among US soldiers in 1952, 27% of soldiers held the opinion that the M1 Garand's distinctive clip ejection sound, the well-known "M1 Ping", presented a danger when fighting an enemy force, as the sound purportedly signaled to the enemy that the solder's M1 Rifle was empty and they could no longer fire in defense. Unfortunately, despite the several advantages the Johnson Rifle design had over the M1 Garand rifle, the existing disadvantages were too great to change US rifle production from the M1 Garand. The Johnson's short recoil reciprocating barrel mechanism resulted in excessive vertical shot dispersion that was never fully cured during its production life, and was prone to malfunction when a bayonet was attached to the reciprocating barrel (short recoil weapons require specific barrel weights to cycle correctly). Additionally, the complex movements of the barrel required for proper operation would be subject to unacceptable stress upon a bayonet thrust into a target. The Johnson also employed a number of small parts that were easily lost during field stripping. Partially because of lack of development, the M1941 was less rugged and reliable than the M1, though this was a matter of personal preference and was not universally opined among those that had used both weapons in combat. As was Johnson's practice, he gave all of his weapons a "pet" nickname. Johnson christened his semi-automatic rifle Betsy and the Light Machine Gun Emma. Melvin Johnson continued to develop small arms. He worked with ArmaLite and Colt's Manufacturing Company as an advocate for the AR-15. The AR-15 used a similar bolt design to the M1941 Johnson. Soldiers of the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army in July 1945. The soldier on the right carries a Johnson rifle.Melvin Johnson campaigned heavily for the adoption of the Johnson rifle by the U.S. Army and other service branches. However, after limited testing, the U.S. Army rejected Johnson's rifle in favor of the M1 Garand rifle developed by Springfield Armory. Despite repeated requests by the Marine Corps to adopt the rifle, the Johnson rifle lacked the support of US Army Ordnance, which had already invested considerable sums in the development of the M1 Garand and its revised gas operating system, then just going into full production. Johnson was successful in selling small quantities of the M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun to the U.S. armed forces, and this weapon was later used by both Paramarines and the Army's First Special Service Force. Post WW2 years were not kind to the Johnson organisation. The entity filed for bankruptcy and was liquidated in early 1949. The Johnson rifle was also used in the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion by the anti-Castro Brigade 2506. Because it was produced in relatively small quantities the Johnson rifle has become a highly sought-after collectible by World War II collectors looking to complete their collections. My Gun: Refer to the following pix. Cranston Arms Model 1941 Johnson. Semi-auto 30-06 version developed during WW II — doesn’t look it’s age. Price is $8000 plus $100 shipping and insurance to an FFL. Buy with confidence. This is a nice one that’s been well taken care of. Selling my inventory for retirement money, so not looking for trades. Also have collectible Russian SVD Dragunov bring back from Afghanistan (no import Mark’s) and a Barrett M82a1 “U.S.” marked with the Provenance of being the first 100 Barrett’s issued to the Marines in January 1991 for use in Desert Storm. I’ll list these later unless sold prior. Text me at 614 five three 7 35 three 9 to purchase or if you have any questions. Also available to answer questions by email at 1941 @
  5. M37 presample $13,400

    This is an original SACO-LOWELL M37 presample LMG for sale. These were made between 1955-1957. This is a super nice gun and runs flawlessly. It is in my inventory in Kentucky and will efile to you on a form 3. It is in original condition in the original .30 caliber configuration. This is the GUN ONLY. It does not have the rear cocking bar included but could be added for a few hundred dollars if desired. It is originally drilled and tapped for such. If you have any questions please call or email. 859-361-9444 or $13,400 plus shipping. You couldnt ask for a better example and this is the one to keep. Thanks for looking! Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  6. German Luger Mags (2)

    I have for sale as shown in pic 2 German Luger Mags. Both are PO8 Mags. $130.00 for the Pair + Postage (Can Ship Cheap in a Bubble Envelope.) I will get you actual Postage. I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM to me with your name and Shipping Address. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina ** ORIGINAL POST WAS MARKED SOLD BY MISTAKE**
  7. I have for sale as shown in pics an Original German WW2 P38 Holster. Holster is Marked JWA P38 (JWA is hard to see, but it's there) No Cracking of the Leather, No Peeling, No Tears, All Stitching in good order. Holster is in Very Good Condition. $125.00 + Shipping ( I will get you actual Shipping) I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) First "ill take it" in this thread gets it followed by a PM TO ME WITH YOUR NAME AND SHIPPING ADDRESS! Caveats Don't Count. Please,any Questions or Comments PM Me. Thank you for looking, Murray Over In Carolina
  8. I have for sale as shown in pics a rare Canvas and Leather Czech MG34 Barrel Bag. Not many of these survived. Sling is a little tattered but very usable, small quarter inch hole in the side of the bag, leather very sound. This definitely saw some action. $45.00 + Postage ( I will get you actual Postage) I will accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends and Family) ** THIS POST IS CROSS POSTED** First "Ill take it" get's it (I will go by time stamp, since it is cross posted). Please any questions or comments PM me. Thank you for looking, Murray Over In Carolina.
  9. For sale is a German WW2 Luftschutz Nazi Beaded Combat Helmet. Photos are of the actual item you will receive. I am asking $250 shipped. I am very new on this forum but I have history and feedback on several other forums and selling venues I will provide for you. (HK Pro, FAL Files, GunBroker, Ebay, etc)
  11. This is a Luger S/42 1937 in 9mm caliber. It is in excellent condition. This is a great Luger in very collectible condition. The mag even matches. Barrel length is 3 1/2". Bore condition is excellent. $2500.00
  12. German WW2 MP40 Sling

    I have for sale as shown in pic an Original German WW2 MP40 Sling. Sold my MP40 sometime back and had forgotten i had the sling. Sling is Marked CX0 44 (Very Light,But its there). Leather is Soft and Flexible. Very serviceable Sling. $100.00 + Postage. Ill get you actual Postage. Ill Accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only, Friends & Family) Thank you for looking, -Murray Over In Carolina
  13. WTS: Astra 600/43 Rig and 1916 Webley MKVI I have one full Astra 600/43 rig available for sale. Included are the pistol, holster, and two magazines. The pistol is in fantastic condition showing only minor finish wear to the high leading edges. The bore is nice and bright and the grips are about as good as they can get. Each of the magazines shows wear consistent from being inserted into the pistol and are in fantastic shape as well. The holster is the standard unmarked black leather type. It shows some light handling marks but is in very nice condition. - Price: $550.00 - Shipping: Actual Price Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM) Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order
  14. AVT-40 machine gun. There are almost none of these around. This gun has been tested and operates flawlessly. Registered by C.C. Distributing Company. This gun comes with an extra barrel and an extra bolt carrier assembly. Currently on Form 3 at my dealer in the Atlanta Ga 30319 404-665-6411
  15. AVT-40 machine gun. There are almost none of these around. These make a very reliable machine gun. This gun has been tested and operates flawlessly. Registered by C.C. Distributing Company. This gun comes with an extra barrel and an extra bolt carrier assembly. Currently on Form 3 in transfer to my dealer from Frank Gopart of Midwest Tactical.
  16. WTS: WW2 Soviet AVT-40 7.62x54R Select Fire Rifle - Transferable $11,000 transferable AVT40 with one mag. Not C&R Currently on Form 3 at dealer where I bought it a while back ( Frank Goepfert of Midwest Tactical) Need to sell to fund another project I found recently acquired Priced to move fast as these are very very rare and this one runs great. $11,000 is firm Jason 404-665-6411
  17. WTS: 1937 dated Model 1932 Soviet 45mm ATG - subcaled to 50bmg Easy resto with Form 1 back to 45mm Gun was captured during the Winter War of 1939/1940 and used against the Soviets by both the Finns and their German Allies. Even has some MG pot marks in the shield. A true collector piece that can be made to shoot again. The breech looks to have been lightly cut at one point with a short 2" weld from top down that can be barely seen on the left side. The other side looks untouched. Beautiful gun, currently in .50 BMG with insert tack welded into place. Machinist welded the subcal insert into place did it in a way that would make it easy to restore to 45mm. Chamber is beautiful and rifling looks like it was barely used. Comes with 1939 dated Soviet made Finn captured correct sight for the ATG. Also included in the sale are 1 HE projectile (inert), 1 complete HE round, Finn manual, sight box, original firing lanyard, set of tools and a few other pieces I can't recal right now. Also comes with two custom brass casings for firing 40mm sleeved to 45mm rounds. Gun comes with approx. 2500 to 3000 40mm projectiles sleeving and firing. Last one like this sold for 46K at the Littlefield Auction in 2014. Link to auction: Make Offer.... interested in M37 BMG, PPSH-41, M3 Grease Gun M2 Carbine Swedish K or 90mm M67 90mm recoilless Make reasonable offer and let's see if we can make a deal. Forgot to add this for the pictures: About 75 plus pictures located at:
  18. Very good to excellent condition Reising .45 ACP submachine gun, $7500. Complete with all internal spare parts pictured, 20 rnd. mag, and 30 rnd. Christie mag. Currently on Form 3, in my inventory and fully transferable. Please message me should you have questions. Thanks!
  19. I'm looking for anything related to either the WW2 M2 4.2" Mortar or the post war M30 4.2" Mortar Looking for the following items: Cup, Bipod Baseplate Tube Sights etc. M2 4.2" MOrtar M30 4.2" Mortar Thanks = Finders fees paid for successful purchases.
  20. I have for sale as shown in pics, an original German WW2 MP38/40 Sub Machinegun Sling. Sling is in very good condition considering its' age. $100.00 Shipping is extra. Can be shipped in a padded envelope. I will accept as payment, US Postal Money Order or PayPal (discreet as a gift, only). Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  21. I have for sale as shown in pics, a great set of original post-war German Military Field Caps. All about 1950s-60s vintage. They are the same as those worn by German soldiers during WWII. Caps are Elite Pea Dot Camo Infantry Cap, Panzer Crew Side Cap and Infantry Side Cap. All are in very good condition. $51.00 plus shipping for all (3). They can ship in a padded envelope for cheap shipping. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  22. 60MM Mil Spec Mortar Tube - $650.00

    I have for sale as shown in Pic a New Live Fire 60 MM Mortar Tube. Manufactured to all Military Specs. Add Cup to have a Live Fire Mortar. $650.00, plus shipping. Email me at: Live Drop Fire 60MM M2/M19 Mortar Tube Direct copy of a late WW2 60MM Mortar Tube 25 1/2" Long Standard Thread (12TPI), not Metric. Fits all WW2 Cups Original Length with a New Bore Dimension of 2.375 ID 4130 DOM Steel Tubing with a Honed Bore Bevel at Top, Thread Relief Cut at Bottom Marked on Tube for Bipod Very Nice 60MM Mortar tube. Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  23. I have for sale as shown in Pic an Original German WW2 G43/K43 Trigger Group. Group is in Very Nice Condition and Complete. Includes all Springs, Spacers, Pins and Bushings. Ready for install. $200.00, plus Postage. I will accept as payment, U S Postal Money Order, or PayPal (Discreet, as a Gift Only. No Fees) Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina
  24. ***This book is sold*** (many thanks!) See my other sales; FREE SHIPPING 20MM IN FINLAND WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION PRIOR TO 1945 - text in Finnish and English - excellent photos and drawings - hardcover book size 220 x 300 x 22mm (weight 1,5kg), 264 pages - historical info on 20mm anti-tank rifles, aa-cannon and aircraft guns used by the Finns - 13,2mm to 20mm experimental guns - 20mm L34 automatic cannon - 20mm LAHTI L39 at-rifle and full auto aa-version L39/44 - 20mm BSW, Breda, Madsen and Mauser - 20mm Hispano-Suiza, ShVAK and 28/20 PZB41 - 20mm Finnish and foreign ammunition (see ad on parts&accessories for original 20mm L-39 items) PRICE 74.00 USD FREE SHIPPING PayPal OK for books (ask for payment details) FREE SHIPPING See other sales for combined shipping savings.