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  1. Not sure how many and at what level of interest everyone has concerning the mid terms elections, but obviously you all have some sort of weaponry or another. Having spent 6 years on Capital Hill myself in the early days of my employment, it's hard to stay away from politics, especially since we only leave about an hour away from Wash D.C. I still have many friends who are active diplomats, lobbyists, politicians and hill rats. You better be concerned.....REAL concerned my friends. The threat is real and soon too. If you love your guns as most of us do, you better take this mid term election vote serious and VOTE!! One of the FIRST things on the agenda of radical demo-rats, besides mud face maxine with the James Brown Wig trying to impeach President Trump, are HUGE restrictions to your 2nd amendment rights. Not a buzz's coming if these asshats get in. If you thought the bans of the past were bad, you'll be sick when you see what the demo-rats have planned for gun owners now. They are planning HUGE payback gun legislation, and very quietly too. Notice not too much fan fare. It's by design, Distracting Americans with health care threats, while the sneaky bastards are developing a strategy to restrict then confiscate your firearms. Having fun building your own AR's... yea well that will all come to an end if these radical demo-rat asshats win. I'm not going to preach to you guys, but think about how important your guns are and vote to support President Trump and his republican candidates. It doesn't matter if you like the man or his supporters. Don't make the election or your vote personal. If you want to keep your 2nd amendment rights safe, Vote Republican to keep your 2nd amendment right safe!!! May God help us all. R.L.