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  1. Transferable Vickers Mk1, registered side plate by Wilson Arms built into an excellent+ condition Australian WWII parts set. It is currently set up in .303 British, but it comes with an 8 mm caliber conversion kit consisting of lock, feed tray, and barrel. Other accessories include: extra .303 barrel, original water can and hose, three brass tabbed Australian belts, complete Australian armorer’s set and tools, original tripod, original ammo can, ammo can tray, belt loader, flash hider, and original transport case. Gun is in great condition and has no issues. Price for all is $17,000 plus shipping. Can deliver accessories to Knob Creek. Alex Levy, 904-699-7778, Florida
  2. FOUND: Vickers 8mm kit (Feedblock, barrel, extractor) I am looking for an 8mm conversion kit for the Vickers MK1 machinegun. The kit consists of: -Feedblock -Barrel -Extractor (or complete lock) If you have all, or any of these parts to sell please let me know.
  3. Beautiful piece. All appears to be as it should, convertible parts are present and operational, latches function, nice felt, wood is solid, rope handles present, etc. $SOLD delivered to Knob Creek only.
  4. What can I expect to fork over for a transferable sideplate Vickers Mk I these days? Any info is appreciated.
  5. Vickers NOS .30 Caliber Steel Links. These were typically used in aircraft applications. A more thorough description can be found in Dolf's book or at the following link: There are ten (10) links per sleeve. I have fifteen (15) sleeves with excellent condition cardboard and four (4) with damaged boxes but links are still NOS. $150 shipped conus per five (5) sleeves. All four (4) damaged sleeves for $100 shipped conus. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks, Nick
  6. Sold the Vickers, no longer need the loader. Very heavy-duty. $SOLD Direct email: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  7. Looking for a transit case/storage box for a Vickers Dial Sight. Also looking for the levels and any other parts that would accompany the sight. Contact at groups at gardnerguns dot com.
  8. Soviet Maxim oil can kit. Includes the star marked ammo box with two oil cans. Excellent condition and original military production. Most contain oil. MAXIM OIL CAN KIT $99.95 Thanks for looking RTG Parts 307-675-1191