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  1. Living the day to day under the best of circumstances is hard enough but living under the threat of a medical time bomb, miserable commutes with unGODLY traffic tends to intensify the realization of how finite life really is, and what little time some of us have left on this Earth. In this case specifically.... me. I absolutely HATE living among all of the new blue liberal ghey wads that have destroyed our beautiful country lifestyle here in Nokesville with their selfish, self centered, narcissistic,assholish behavior, NJ-ish driving habits, and basically just being assholes in general everywhere you go. Been batting this back and forth with the wife for a year. She's tired of her 1-2 hr commute ONE WAY every day. Milf mommies with their bratty ill behaved brats everywhere you go, ILLEGAL aliens galore, since VA is considered a sanctuary state for the most part. The quality of life for us has plummeted, to the point we just can't stay here any longer. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! Time to retire. We're outta here.....maybe. Made an offer on a beautiful post and beam home and property with 73 acres in rural Maine. Been vacationing in Maine for over 35 years, we both love it. It has solar panels, OWB, geothermal HP, backup batteries, and generator. A preppers dream come true. Nothing is sure until you have keys and deed in hand, but I'm about 99% sure we got it. I'll know more today. Fellas.... Zillow is your friend. That's how I found this place and you can find yours too when the time comes. Beam us up Scotty, no intelligent life forms here in Nokesville any longer.!! R.L.