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  1. I have two used post-86 Dealer Samples I am putting up for sale. Both require FFL/SOT and valid PD Demo Letter. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the demo letter will pass ATF scrutiny. As you know they are now calling the CLEO who signed off on the letter to make sure they know what they signed and are requesting the T&E demonstration. Israeli UZI. Produced by Israel Military Industries (IMI), imported into US by Century Arms. It is a factory machine gun. Appears to have been refinished. Has the safe/semi/full selector. Has the folding stock and one 25-round magazine. Open bolt. Caliber 9mm. Norinco M14. Produced in China, it is a clone of the US M14 military rifle and from my understanding accepts USGI and other M14 parts. It has a semi/full selector. I found that the safety lever sticks so may just need some CLP in the trigger mechanism. Wood stock (Chinese wood, typical type found on all Chicom guns) and comes with one 20-round magazine. Accepts standard M14 magazines. Comes with the sling as pictured. Caliber .308. Asking Price is $1000 each + $50 shipping UPS/FedEx Ground with insurance to lower 48. Or buy both and I will pay the shipping to lower 48. AK/HI/PR etc would probably cost additional, and would most likely go out US Postal Service instead to save money. Not looking to chop up as parts kits. Payment terms are 100% funds up front and of course obligatory PD Demo Letter to initiate eForm 3 transfer. All sales final. Photos attached, were taken yesterday (2/13/19).
  2. ALL guns are NIB and boxes are about perfect! FN 50.63 plus 10 mags $6000 Daewoo K1A1 plus 2 mags $2000 HK 91a3 plus 6 mags $3000 HK 93a3 plus 6 mags $3500 Valmet 76 (.308 milled tube folder) plus 5 20rd and 2 5rd mags $7500 Beretta AR70 (Factory wire folder 1 of 2 in the US) plus 6 mags $12000.00 IMI Galil ARM (16" .223) plus 6 mags $4000 IMI Galil ARM (18" .308) plus 6 mags $4000 IMI Mini Uzi plus 6 mags $3000 IMI Uzi A plus 4 mags $2500 IMI Micro Uzi plus 4 mags $2000 Steyr Aug plus 6 mags (Black 906 series) I shot a clip threw this 20 years ago, the ONLY gun I shot in my collection $4500 Ingram Mac10 9mm with sliding wire stock plus 6 mags (Original Cobray mags) $2000 Spectre 9mm with top folding stock and front k-grip plus 6 mags $3000 Steyr Spp with 6 mags and factory scope mount $1800 SAP with 2 mags (Australian Automatic Arms .223 pistol) $2000 PS90 (1st Gen) with 5 50rd mags $2000 (It also has the fake Gemtech suppressor)
  3. *Gemtech Mossad II silencer not included* Selling a Weapon Specialties (Weapspec) registered bolt that has been treated with Robar NP3. Exceptionally smooth and reliable. Host receiver originally stamped as a .45 caliber. Excellent condition and runs like a champ. Comes with nine 32rd and one 25rd magazines. $11,995. Located on a Form 4 in AZ. Please call me with any questions. Cheers! Richard (520) 891-2132
  4. Vector Mini-Uzi For Sale - Form 4 - $17,000 OBO 9mm, Registered Receiver, One owner, great condition, comes with side-cocker and 10 mags. NIB Vector .45 Grease Gun conversion , BarrelXchange .45 Bolt 2 .45 barrels and 3 Grease Gun mags. I accept checks and money orders. Full payment starts the paperwork and I will cover the first transfer. Shipping and all other transfers are the responsibility of the buyer.
  5. Pre May dealer sample - Interarms full size UZI 9mm. Runs perfectly. Comes with 3 mags, wood stock and original front hand guard. $6,000 transfered. Must have FFL and current SOT to purchase.
  6. Have a couple MG’s I’m toying with the idea of trading up for something else. 2 for 1? 3 for 1? Let me know what you have, what you are thinking. I’d look at M16’s, colt m16a1’s, HK sears, M60 beltfed, heck just about anything. I have other items to trade, can add cash. Or you might have to add, depending on what you have. Worst case I can say no. These guns are on my books here in central Pa, so can arrange a meeting if you’d like to come look. Have many references for many $10k+ deals, efile(well the gov shut down is putting a damper on that). My guns: 1. Ruger KAC556F-very clean ruger, engage your inner A-team, side folder 5.56 in SS. 2. Vector Uzi- nice little subgun, very useful, parts are easy to find, conversion kits, mags, all easy to find. 3. Ruger AC556F-nice blued gun, side folder. Came out of a three gun collection, the owner had two Rugers, one was his shooter, this one was his safe queen. Comes with the factory ruger box, paperwork as it did when new. Email me or message me on the site. Thanks, Donald
  7. pre-May Mini Uzi

    Have for sale a pre-May Mini Uzi. Comes with one 25rd mag. Can do e-file. Good condition. $8200. WMEM Inc. 07FFL/SOT
  8. Offering for sale an original, full size Israeli manufactured Action Arms UZI submachine gun. Condition is excellent and is in Action Arms box with all original accessories. (Note: Box serial number tag is different from gun but is correct for make and model) UZI is registered as a pre-86 Dealer Sample so it can only be transferred to a current FFL/SOT but can be retained if FFL license is discontinued. Also included is a transferable Ciener UZI Silencer with matching ported barrel. Very quiet with subsonic ammo. Price for entire package is $6,995 and everything is in stock and ready to transfer on a Form 3. Interested parties please contact: Thank you.
  9. WTB Uzi type 7 stock

    Want to buy a black plastic Uzi type 7 stock for full size SMG Uzi. Tried looking all over and can only find wood stocks.
  10. StormWerkz - Uzi stock/brace adapter for the Sig MCX/MPX stocks and braces for the full size receiver Uzi. Adjustable vertically for iron sights or optics. Part # SA-UZI-02 Will not fit the Mini or Micro No mods to the Uzi $50 +shipping Uzi / Sig MPX adapter

    Make: UZI IMI ISRAEL Model: B Caliber: 9 mm Condition: Used ( Like New ) Shipping: $45.00 Insurance: Is up to you but recommended $10,995 or Best offer Up for sell is a very nice UZI IMI ISRAEL. Model B. It has a registered Machine Gun Bolt. Manufactured by S & H Arms in OK. This Machine Gun was purchased in 1987 and has been hiding in the safe since then. It is on a Form 3 with no Restrictions. Anyone can own this Machine Gun as it was manufacture before May 1986. This Machine Gun comes in a Hard Case. It has a extra barrel that is threaded for a Suppressor. It also come with kit to change it to a 45 cal semi auto. It also comes with 14 - 32 round UZI mags and 3 - 25 round UZI mags. Buyer pays for all FEES. Payment is a cashers check or money order. If any question please contact Johnny Eldred
  12. WTS UZI Pre May $6,500

    Excellent condition Premay UZI $6,500 + Shipping Pics Mike Piazza 480-500-8690

    For sale,I have a transferable IMI Micro UZI, Fleming registered sear (very rare), open bolt w/ lip, I sent this to RDTS for a full spec build and refinish, folding stock, bayonet lug, micro sights, sling loop, ARS lower, remarked MICRO UZI, proper cocking knob,ported barrel This is as close as you can get to a real MICRO UZI, it is on a form 3 for fast transfer,I use E-Forms, please contact for more details, All NFA rules apply, GTech FFL/SOT, $ 21000.00 OBO, all reasonable offers considered, plus $125 for USPS insured shipping
  14. 4 Guns for Sale ELITE IRON Suppressor and Bipod Solutions of a Higher Caliber Please email questions to Thanks for looking, Kathy FFL/SOT in MT 406-244-0234 Guns are also listed on our website and have additional pictures. Pre May IMI UZI $7000 9MM Overall Very good + condition. Aftermarket threaded barrel. Original box with sling, manual, cleaning rod, and 1 magazine. Class 3 sales sample. No LE letter required. FN G1 Pre May $7000 FN G-1, 7.62mm NATO, PRE-MAY Sales Sample. In VG+ condition. Bore and Chamber in excellent condition. Wood stock has slight marring. Manufactured by: FN Liege Belgium IMP: Inter American IMP/EXP Co Class 3 sales sample. No LE letter required. IAC Model 1887 SBS $300 IAC Model 1887 Short Barrel Shotgun 15.5" Barrel 32.5" Overall Length. Condition: Like New with Original Box. Work done by ELITE IRON This NFA item will need to be shipped to Class 3 dealer in your state. Vector Arms PTR-91 SBR $1400 J.L.D. Ent. Model PTR-91 converted by Vector Arms. .308 Cal. “Sear” Ready. Barrel length 9″, overall length 31.5″. Condition: Excellent, 1 light scratch mark on trigger housing. 1 magazine included. This NFA item will need to be shipped to Class 3 dealer in your state.
  15. Jonathan Arthur Ciener Open bolt kit installed in an Action Arms Model B UZI. $11,000 in stock ready to transfer. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Justin Bupp 706-546-6111 115 Mill Center Blvd Athens, GA 30606
  16. Group Industries HR4332 UZI. $13,500 In stock ready to transfer. Gun is registered in 9mm/45/22. Comes set up as 9mm. It does have the .22 barrel and mag. Gun also comes with 7 magazines. Please contact me with any questions. Justin Bupp 706-546-6111 115 Mill Center Blvd Athens, GA 30606
  17. WTS: Pre & Post Samples

    All guns are on a Form 3's in Florida and will transfer fast via EForms. (Will post pics shortly) Pre-May Dealer Sample, Armalite AR10, Imported by Artillerie Inrichtingen Holland, In excellent condition and includes one magazine. In excellent condition $6100.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, FMP / HK21, belt-fed, 7.62, manufactured under HK licence by Fábrica Militar de Braço de Prata in Portugal. In excellent condition $7,800.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, IMI Uzi, by Action Arms in Philadelphia. Comes with original box, manual, paperwork and two magazines. In excellent condition $1500.00 Post-May Dealer Sample, Auto-Ordnance, West Hurley Model 1928 Thompson, comes with original box, original manual. documents and one magazine. In excellent condition $2000.00
  18. Has restrictor ring still in place (can legally be milled out easily if desired) but importantly has no blocking bar. Shoots great. Conversion as on the form = Hard Times Armory On form 4 in MS. The buyer pays the stamps and pays actual shipping costs of your choice when the time comes. Requires all funds up start to begin transfer. I accept most any method of payment. Not interested in any trades at this time. I'm happy to provide numerous personal references from the MG world and of course one is welcome to drop by to inspect it. Selling it only b/c I'm using funds for yet another MG. Shoot me a private message (or email me <my sturm handle> if you are interested in buying it. The first "I'll take it" gets it. It will be cross listed prob. later today. Upon specific request I can bring the gun to OFAST this weekend (Jun 22, 2018 )for inspection. Houston Hardin
  19. Email what you have. Thank you
  20. Looking to trade a Mint M11a1 large mag well Mac (Set up in 9mm) with a few uppers including a Side charger upper, few different stocks, Nib CFW-A Bolt (All tuned) a few mags and some misc. stuff for a Registered UZI Bolt. No host just a good FA Registered Bolt. Serious inquires only. I can provide pics of my gun. Thank you in advance.
  21. Hello, (Scroll down to second post for photos. Email me for more) This is a fully transferable Uzi sub-machine gun currently on a form 4. It is a registered Group Industries bolt, on an IMI Israeli (Action Arms) Uzi. Chambered in 9mm. We have test fired this with about 100 rounds of PMC 115gr FMJ ammo and there was not a single jam or malfunction. The bolt has been carefully inspected and there are no cracks, splits, fractures or otherwise any damage that we can see with the naked eye. This has had one owner, who was the original buyer in the 80s. He said he shot it very little, especially in the last 10 years. This comes in a hard case with the firearm, 10 magazines and a speed loader. If you have any questions or would like to see any additional photos, please call or email us. We are Marksman Shooting Sports, a Class III dealer located in Westfield, IN. If you would like to see this Uzi in person, you can call us to schedule an appointment to see it. We will sell to local IN residents transferring on a form 4 (transfer tax and sales tax paid by buyer), of we will transfer to your dealer in your state on a form 3 (where permitted). You can see this Uzi being fired on our YouTube channel: store phone 317-804-8713 email: A photo of the current form 4 will be provided to buyer as a last means to making a deal so buyer can confirm its registered status. Price $12,000 OBO - Any taxes are shipping/insurance paid by buyer. We will accept Money Orders, Certified Checks or personal / business checks, but personal / business checks will need to clear before paperwork is submitted. Otherwise, paperwork will be submitted to the ATF within 48 business hours of receipt of payment.
  22. IMI MINI UZI MACHINE GUN WITH AGENDA SIX CAN, B&G BOLT GUN Excellent $15,900.00 Fully transferable machine gun to individuals. On 2 form 4's . Will ship to your dealer for actual cost plus insurance. Payment in full to start transfer Buyers pays 2 Tax stamps to start transfer. Class 3 dealer since 2001, gave up FFL 2015 Make sure this is legal in your location,and you will get NFA approval. All sales final no returns. ALL NFA RULES AND LAWS APPLY Like all things for sale they are in stock for immediate transfer to your FFL/SOT or if resident of Nevada direct to you on form 4. No refunds once paperwork starts, no transfer till paperwork is complete. Make sure you are BATF&E qualified. These fine weapons can be viewed in person, as flights to Las Vegas are fairly inexpensive. Class 3 FFL/SOT from 2001-2015 under Kymtec LLC. Thanks for looking. Contact Tom Mac Niece 970-946-4509
  23. Pre-86 keeper UZI full size on Form 3. Comes with: Wood buttstock and original collapsing stock. Three (3) 32rd mag and one (1) 25rd mag. Aftermarket top cover for mounted recital sight. (pictured sight NOT included) Original furniture, and pictured vertical front grip. $6,500 Pictures are located here:
  24. Pictured from left to right, 1. Group Industries 25 round .22 magazine (late version) 2. Vector 20 round .22 magazine. 3 & 4. Vector 28 round magazines. I want to sell all four together. $200 shipped. Postal money order or Paypal +3.5%
  25. The B&T USA / Brugger and Thomet KH9 was made in Switzerland and designed by Karl Brugger as Karl's Hobby 9mm which is a modernized Italian Sites Spectre M4 double/single action submachinegun with several design improvements. The KH9 has the option of feeding from either standard B&T magazines interchangeable with all of their firearms or includes a Finnish Soumi KP31/M31 magazine adapter to use coffin magazines. The recoil-springs operate on twin guides as opposed to the Spectre which is free floated and prone to binding. Receiver is a monolithic SCAR-type with quadrail and taken from the B&T GHM9. Barrel has an HK three-lug adapter. Controls are completely ambidextrous with magazine release and decocker on both sides. Charging handle was inspired by the Ingram M10 or IMI/IWI UZI, Pistol grip was based on the SIG SG550/STGW90, and the rear trunnion uses standard B&T MP9/TP9 stock/brace assemblies. Package includes hardcase, Soumi coffin magazine adapter, front/rear flip-up sights, two 30 round magazines, cleaning kit, manual, and hard-case. Photo is representative of another of my B&T KH9 examples. The firearm you will be receiving has not been fondled or touched. Made in Switzerland, this is 1 of 400 imported. Once gone, these will not be seen again. $2000 shipped.