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  1. WTS: 26 Black Follower USGI AR15 30 Round Magazines - $260 I have 26 black follower 30 round AR15 magazines available for sale. These are all in used condition and will have finish wear and other typical signs of use. The manufacturers include Okay Industries, Center Industries, FN, and others. -Price: $260.00 for the lot -Shipping: Actual price -Payment: Paypal plus the fee -Contact: PM or email at (remove “NOSPAM”)
  2. for sale: New in Wrap U.S.G.I. 30 rd. .45 ACP Grease Gun magazines for $35 ea. delivered on 13 or more mags. $12 shipping on 12 or less mags. E-mail to or call 208-810-3315, Thanks, Larry
  3. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have 10 USGI Grease Gun Magazines for sale. They are 30 rounders I believe, 8 are: SPW GL C-153427 & 2 are: KL GL C153427 Obviously USGI Surplus Mags about 3 or 4 have pitting I think only 2 have large areas of it. 4 or 5 have one or two at most each, tiny dings in the sides and all have minor scratches. Couple of the pics the mags will look crappy because the grease had not been removed. I am trying to describe best I can so no one is dis illusioned thinking they are getting NEW Mags. You will NOT get new mags! As all you guys should know, these are THICK solid Mags. So any of the cosmetics will not have ANY effect on function. Which means they should all function as well as new ones. There is ONE that has rust on the top end and follower. So you will have to clean up, ( Sand), the follower and top end of the mag, before you can use it. Now, I only took the baseplate off of one. But inside it did look brand new! I need to get $20 each so that would be $200 for the lot plus $25 for Priority Mail Shipping!
  4. Original mint Lake City .30 carbine head stamped 1972 in original green cotton bandolier. This ammo has been sitting around for all these years in climate controlled storage. Condition: New old stock in excellent condition. No corrosion, no problems or issues. Cardboard sleeves are perfect. Not bent soiled or frayed. Same condition as issued in 1972. What you get: one green cotton bandolier with black safety pin six individual pockets that hold two (10) round stripper clips with ammo on clips inside a cardboard sleeve 12 stripper clips with integral loader spoon in first pocket These are extremely collectible add one or more to your collection today! This ammo is tough to find in original condition as issued and is a solid investment for your collection. $75 shipped to any cont US for one or $135 shipped for two. Quantity discounts available. Must be 21 years or older. Paypal FF no add charge. PP to seller 3% more. CC 3% more. USPS MO. All checks 7 day hold. I have a few full ammo boxes with matching lot numbers on boxes and bandoliers available. Lot numbers may vary but match to the can. Cans do have some exterior rust but ammo inside is perfect as described. Contact for pricing and availability as I anticipate these going quickly.img]
  5. WTS: USGI M4 Bayonet For M1 Carbine I have one excellent condition M1 carbine M4 bayonet available for sale. It was produced by Imperial and includes the original M8 sheath. The blade looks great and shows no evidence of sharpening. -Price: $180 Shipping: Actual Price Payment: Standard PayPal plus the fee or USPS money order Contact: PM or email at (remove NOSPAM)
  6. I have for sale as shown in pics 6 USGI Mil Spec. Camo Bags/Pouches. All Items are in good condition, no rips, Tears or holes. Ready to Use! Top Row starting on the left.A) Camo AR15/M16 Mag Pouch (2Mags). $3.00B) Small Camo Misc. Pouch $4.00C) Medium Camo Misc. Pouch $5.00D) Large Camo Misc. Bag $7.00Bottom Row Starting on LeftE) Large Camo SKEDCO Stretcher Bag $10.00-Very Nice Gear Bag.F) Medium Camo Waist Pack $7.00Shipping Extra. (will get you actual shipping)All Small Pouches/Bags can be shipped in lightweight Shipping envelopes.I will accpet as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only!)
  7. For your consideration, I have one NOS in grease wrap M1A1 Thompson SMG bolt. Savage mfg, still sealed in cosmoline. Perfect to keep your SMG running or to tuck away for a rainy day. $215 shipped to US First unconditional "I'll take it" posted in this thread gets it Prompt Paypal gft or + fees for payment No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking!!
  8. For your consideration, new old stock USGI M14 National Match front sights. All are marked NM 062. They have very minor storage marks on the edges but no rust or damage. Screw included. $32ea shipped to US ALL SOLD Prompt PayPal gift or +fees No trades CROSSPOSTED Thank you for looking!!
  9. H and R Trigger Group for sale $175 shipped M14 parts kit -SPF Nice M14 parts kit, SPF
  10. ALL SOLD I have a few groups of random mags. Prices are shipped. Discrete PayPal "Friends and Family" preferred but will do "Goods and Services" for 3.5% extra. Ill also do a USPS money order. I will not ship to restricted areas or states, obviously. Email works best. I need a Iphone 6 for the ATT Network if you have one for daughter broke hers... Again. Please email me directly 1.Used USGI Colt Mags. These have typical finish wear/light scratches. All have good feed lips, floor plates, 100% functional and are not damaged/dented. All Colts. Some appear very lightly used. I will put a even mix in each order. Asking $87 Shipped for 10 magazines. 40 available. 2. Used USGI Magazines. These are a mix of Center and Okay Industries. Some have tan followers and some have green. Typical USGI finish wear, paint and some a tape. All have good feed lips, floor plates, 100% functional and are not damaged/dented. Asking $75 shipped for 10 magazines. 30 available. 3. New Okay Industries magazines. These are new in the white cage code boxes. Asking $100 for 9 magazines shipped.
  11. I'm a long time lurker, first time seller here. I don't have any feeback on this site yet, but lots on other forums I can provide. I have a few USGI Beretta mags up for grabs. They are in excellent condition. If they have been used, I can't tell. Asking 15 shipped each CONUS. I can accept PayPal or MO. Please send me a message or email me directly at Thanks!
  12. This top cover is new, never used. Has the narrow top latch bar. Bought from Kent Lamont many years ago. $125 plus $6.85 USPS flat rate box shipping. USPMO only please. Thanks, R.L.
  13. New, unused condition, serrated feed pawl. No mods. Buyer pays USPS flat rate shipping and insurance. USPMO only please. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  14. WTB: NOS M1 Garand Parts

    I'm in need of a NOS M1 Garand gas cylinder lock screw and a lower band. Not worried about manufacturer, as the gun is a mixmaster shooter with an aftermarket barrel anyway.
  15. These 1919 belts are from my personal supply. They are new USGI belts. Some with the original bands on. Russell manufacturing belts are dated 1943/white. George C Moore, dated 1944/ green. All have starter tabs. $35 ea plus USPS flat rate shipping. I have 9 of the white and 30 of the green. USPMO "only" please. Any checks will be returned uncashed. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  16. I'm looking for a USGI front site to replace the aftermarket site someone added to a 1911a1. Any idea where I can find one? Thanks, Cincylance
  17. The bolt is NOS, but missing the bolt switch and extractor. Everything else is there. $400 Barrel extension is bare NOS. $300 $700 for both plus shipping. Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.
  18. New, never used. USGI. NEW condition. USPMO only please Thanks, Bob Leyshion, Jr.