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  1. Delay in mailing out approved forms?

    I have several customer's transfers that have been approved; one 4/2/2020 and one 4/23/2020, I have still not received the forms in the mail. Both customers bought 2 NFA firearms a total of four form 4s, I did receive two of the four forms (one for each customer) approved the same day as the two missing forms. Anyone else experiencing this? BTW transfer time was exactly 8 months. UPDATE; Forms received after submitting a request for the forms or copies. What I think happened; two of the guns I sold were personal, and not listed in my inventory, sold to local residents on F4. On the pinkish copy they include with the forms had my old address from 15 years ago, which would have been on the original form when I bought the guns; the actual F4 I submitted had my current address. I did get both of the forms with the stamp, not copies, but oddly my name and address were hand-written on a business-size envelope.