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  1. Ambidextrous 9mm US Made Trigger Pack - 4 U.S. 922 Parts - $299.95 HK PARTS Binary Trigger Pack - Franklin Armory - $699 Franklin Armory Ambidextrous 9mm US Made Trigger Pack with Flat Trigger - 4 U.S. 922 Parts - $309.95 HK PARTS In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  2. Enhanced Trigger Pack - Match Each trigger pack has been customized by the famed & renowned HK trigger smith, Bill Springfield. Trigger slack take up is eliminated and over travel is reduced. Pull weight averages 5-6 lbs, trigger creep is greatly reduced to a very short, smooth, crisp hammer release. This is the best deal you can get for this trigger enhancement. It will make your shooting MUCH more enjoyable than using a stock HK roller lock 12 lb. trigger. Going from a 12 lb to a match trigger makes a HUGE improvement. This trigger pack can be adapted for all calibers with a swap of the ejector lever and hammer spring (if needed).A true drop in trigger pack. Simply pull your existing trigger pack out and drop the match trigger pack in. You can use the same selector lever. NOT for use with ambidextrous trigger groups. Only SEF and 0,1 non ambi style trigger packs. HK91 HK G3 PTR91, PTR32, All PTR models Clone and other custom builds Please note: That the trigger take up and pull weight is MUCH lighter than a factory stock trigger pull. For some shooters that are not used to the new enhanced trigger pull and feel. It would be wise to exercise extreme caution and trigger control until the shooter gets used to the new "feel" of the Match trigger that this upgrade offers. Bump firing can result as an unintended consequence of improper trigger control with the match trigger upgrade. Make sure you have a keep the stock firmly against the shoulder and do NOT ride the trigger when using this trigger pack.Please note: The actual pull weight will vary depending on each trigger pack chosen. The primary concern is safety first. Each trigger pack will vary +/- a .lb or two-----------------Price: $169.95-----------------Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494 here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.
  3. Trigger Pack Complete - HK G3, HK91 .308 SEF F/A - Used A Heckler & Koch genuine part. The best price anywhere for a complete surplus German trigger pack. This offering is a full auto HK SEF .308 trigger pack complete with all internals. Fits the following HK firearms: HK G3 HK 91 - legally configured to full auto. Custom builds of clones Price: $49.95 Click here tp view all of our HK parts!
  4. Norrell 10/22 trigger pack gun This is an outstanding condition Ruger 10/22 with the highly desirable John Norell trigger pack installed. The pack features the lever type selector and is in close to new condition. This package also includes a Norrell .22 suppressor already mounted to the gun which is housed in a Nordic stock. One magazine is included. This is a great opportunity to pick up a full 2 stamp package that is ready for the range. Price: $16,500 SPF **Additional Images are available upon request** Local buyers are welcome to come and inspect firearm in person with an appointment. Upfront payment in full begins the paperwork. Please contact me either via PM or by email at: (just remove “NOSPAM). Im happy to speak by phone to serious buyers. Shipping at actual cost.
  5. Check out our offerings of HK 93, 33, 53 Complete Trigger Packs. We offer a couple of ambidextrous trigger packs along with the HK German SEMI HK 93 223 & .556 trigger pack complete with custom trigger conversion to a light target trigger & ultra smooth 4.5-5.0 LB. pull. These are all great trigger packs to add to your HK, so be sure to look through the list below. Order on our website or by phone. WWW.HKPARTS.NET || 801.987.3494 ___________ HK 33, 53, 33K .223/556 SEF Trigger Pack Complete || $119.95 HK 93 Semi Auto SEF Style Trigger Pack Complete || $138.95 Match 223/556 Trigger Pack With Enhanced Trigger -4.5 || $228.95 HK 93, 33, 53 Ambidextrous 0,1 Trigger Pack- .556, .223 || $279.95 [PICTURED BELOW] HK 4 Position Ambidextrous 0,1,2,F Burst Pack || $549.95 ___________ Thanks for looking! Click here to view our website for more of your HK needs.