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  1. I'm brokering a transferable Thompson Style machine gun in .45ACP. The receiver is a home build using an M1A1 bolt with a cocking knob located on the top as a 1928 Style machine gun. The gun runs well. This MG with transfer out of state on a Form 4. I'll cover the first tax out. I'll be handling all paperwork and shipping vis USPS registered so there should be no worries. Sales includes 10 20rd mags and 2 30rd mags. Price is $13,000.00 delivered.
  2. I purchased this gun about 12yrs ago from OOW and have owned it ever since. It was nickeled when I got it so I media blasted and KG Gun Koted the upper receiver and barrel black. All the other parts - Lower, Stock, Bolt, everything in the gun are from a 1928 Russian bring back parts kit in unused condition, with many early features. The gun runs great, and the finish is holding up well. The bore looks great. This is a Commercial Savage with no US or military acceptance stamps. Price is $22,500 delivered. This is on my SOT and will transfer out of state on an efiled form 3 to your dealer.
  3. This is a very nice condition Thompson Bridgeport model 1928AC .45 caliber submachinegun transferable. This will come with the FBI case, one Crosby and one Bridgeport 50 round drum and four 30 round magazines, of which one is a Seymour, one a Bridgeport and the other two standard US. This is a rare variation with numbers matching on the upper and lower receivers. Price: $25,500. $24,500 $23,000 OBO This is a steal of a price for an original Bridgeport compared to what they were selling for a year or so ago. The market will eventually come back on these. Information on the 1928AC Bridgeport: An interesting variation of the Auto-Ordnance, Bridgeport produced M1928A1 Thompson that has been observed, are those Thompsons that have had the U.S. designation ground off and the A1 mark overstamped to read AC. Many of the guns documented had been refurbished, and fitted with the smooth barrels and the “L” style fixed rear sight. Many, but certainly not all, of these guns so altered were in the 150,000 to 152,000 serial number range. A letter X was added as a suffix on the serial numbers of many of these guns. A few other examples of these “1928AC” Thompsons documented were fitted with the finned barrel and Lyman adjustable rear sight. A small number of these Thompsons had their original military horizontal foregrip replaced with the early style vertical foregrip. It is believed that these were guns that had been purchased from the government by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation and refurbished in order to be sold to law enforcement agencies after they were surplused. The Numrich Arms Corporation also removed U.S. markings from 1928 and 1928A1 model Thompsons they sold in the 1950’s. Interestingly, some of the AO “1928AC” overstamped Thompsons did not have Army Inspector of Ordnance (AIO) acceptance stamps on them, but were stamped with the Ordnance “wheel” acceptance mark. While other examples of these guns had no government inspector or acceptance stamps at all, suggesting that they were never inspected or accepted by the U.S. Government. Perhaps these guns were contract overruns or assembled from parts that remained after the government contracts were filled. However, no documentation could be located that could prove or disprove this theory. A Treasury Department IRS Form dated June 30, 1944 reveals that two Auto-Ordnance manufacture U.S. 1928A1 Thompsons with an X suffix added to the serial numbers were sold to a Massachusetts police department that year. The U.S. was ground off and the letter C over stamped on the 1 on both of the guns. Please note that the war didn’t end until the 15th of August 1945. All of the 1928 “AC” guns documented were originally manufactured by the Auto-Ordnance Corporation’s Bridgeport factory, and in almost every case had an AO prefixed serial numbered frame, although most of the frame/receiver numbers were mis-matched. The serial numbers located on the frames of these weapons also had the letter X added to them. ALL NFA rules apply. This is on a Form 3 and will transfer via eForms, very fast. Free and insured shipping within the 48 states. Payment via certified funds
  4. M37 By Ramo

    Ramo M37 in excellent condition. Currently on a Form 3 and ready to transfer $15,500 I also have a box of spare parts available at additional cost to the buyer. Terms, 50/50. Shipping extra at actual cost via Fedex, Photos soon. 314-703-9710
  5. This is a S&H roller sear. Very rare low friction sear. It resides in a four position burst trigger group set up for an MP5 ready to shoot. Absolutely runs flawlessly now. This item is on a form 4 in Kentucky. The shipping and transfer to your FFL is included in the price. $30,000. I will do 50/50 on this item and possibly interested in a trade on a M16 registered receiver? If you have any questions please contact me at or 859-361-9444. Thank you for looking, Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  6. Colt M16A2 carbine $30,500

    This is a really nice condition M16A2 carbine. I believe the stock to be original to the gun. Burst marked but it is currently set up with safe-semi-full internals.The paperwork identifies as 14" but has a shorter barrel on it currently. This is a really nice all Colt weapon. Offered at $30,500. Transfer and shipping is included. On a form 4 in Kentucky. Contact me with any questions at 859-361-9444 or Thanks for looking. Rex Tyson Kentucky Firearms
  7. Neal E Smith registered bolt conversion, in an IMI (Action Arms) Model A Uzi. On a Form 4 in Kentucky. I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state! The bolt is in excellent condition, showing light finish wear from use. Bolt face looks great, markings and serial look great, no rust or other issues. The host gun itself is in 90%+ Condition. There are some scratches in the paint on the exterior of the gun. The most noticeable finish issue is at the back of the receiver, where the folding stock chipped away the paint around the edges. The parkerizing underneath is intact. There are other scratches in various places, which I have attempted to show in the photos. Restrictor ring is still in place; the gun will ship with two compatible barrels. One is probably the original IMI cut down barrel, the other is a new US made barrel. The gun includes both the pictured wooden stock and the original folding unit. The top cover pictured is the original semi-auto (non-ratcheting) unit. Payment: Half of sale price is due within within 10 business days of auction end, with the balance due upon shipping to your SOT. Buyer pays actual shipping cost, USPS Registered, insured for the full value of the firearm. Reasonable offers welcomed! I'm new to this forum but have a well established buying and selling history elsewhere, including NFA items. My username on Gunbroker, FalFiles, AKfiles, and are all the same as my username here. I run my transfers through a local SOT. He double checks the transfer papers and will handle shipping. He transferred this gun in and is familiar with both me and the gun if you'd like a reference of sorts to confirm that this is the real deal. $10,500
  8. Just got the approved F3 from NFA. Available immediately. COLT M16A1 As New in Box, One owner since purchased new 33 yrs ago. Was test fired a couple of mags and then stored until now. Original owner moving out of state and due to not ever using it he decided to let me find it a new home. Complete with Box and All original items as shipped from Colt. Lot of Pictures. All we need is payment and FFL/SOT to start transfer to your Dealer. We pay shipping. Can be seen in person by appointment in our Raleigh NC PROSHOP