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  1. I would be interested in working a trade for transferable HK sear Pre-may dealer sample Machine gun's HK MP5 excellent condition This is a pre may dealer sample so you have to have SOT. No law letter require $13000 IMI Mini Uzi 3 lug barrel. This is a pre maydealer sample so you have to have SOT. No law letter require $9500 Transferable Machine gun's M11 .380. Mac11 For sale or trade. $7500sold Mac 10 with SWD suppressor. 45acp machine gun. Very good condition. Jersey arms gun. Both on form 3. Rare gun with only about 500 made. $6500 Everything is on form 3. Will make a package deal if someone is interested. Can send more pics if wanted.
  2. Exceptional Marlin Rockwell BAR 1918 converted through the military to a A2 configuration. Includes one magazine.Great old war horse that should be in any collection of war rifles. Test Fired Registered on a form 4 in Idaho C&R eligible. 50/50 payment. Shipping $175 Condition is fine to near excellent as arsenal refurbished. B A R'S were built beginning in mid 1918 and WWI ended in November of 1918.These guns then went into Army storage and most were reworked .Marlin represented 5% of production 36K
  3. For sale is an early 1960s (I believe 1964) Colt factory select fire AR-15. This rifle falls late in the Model 602 serial number range but is not marked as a 602. A small number of rifles in this serial number range were not sold to the military but were produced for commercial and export purposes. This is one of those commercial rifles and as such is not marked M16. The rifle was originally configured similar to the Air Force M16 Model 604; however, the upper has been replaced with a Colt A2 carbine upper and the stock with a 2 position collapsible. The rifle is transferable and can be transferred to your dealer on an eForm 3. $22,000 plus shipping.
  4. WTB: Swedish K

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  5. Transferable AUG Sear w/ Host

    Up for sale is a transferable AUG auto sear with Steyr AUG A3 host. Firearm functions flawlessly and reliably with any ammo. Comes with one magazine. Call/Text 225-439-1818 if you have any questions or need additional info. $27,500 OBO Gun is on a form 3 to your FFL as soon as funds clear.
  6. WTS: Micro Uzi in 9mm with SWR Trident 9 suppressor. This is an Action Arms imported, I.M.I. Micro Uzi pistol, that was converted to a machine gun by Weapons Specialties, Phoenix, AZ. An aftermarket side folding stock has been welded to the rear of the pistol receiver making for a very compact package. The barrel is threaded for the suppressor and comes with a matching thread protector. Overall condition is very good, unknown round count. Package comes with 10 32 round Uzi magazines and a original, de-milled (torch cut), Israeli Micro Uzi side folding stock (see images). The Uzi and suppressor are currently on my books and will transfer to your Dealer on a eForms-filed Form 3. PA residents can purchase these items directly on two Form 4 transfers (2 NFA Tax stamps). Priced to sell; seller reserves the right to pull this ad if these items sell locally. Price is $16,000.00 + S/I, or Best Offer (OBO)!
  7. Mac 11 in 380 machine-gun with suppressor, fully transferable on Form 3, ATF shows the manufacturer as RPB. Located in Denham Springs, La 7,500.00 Plus ship and Ins. will consider offers. What you see is what you get, as is.
  8. Up for sale is a like new Mk760 that is fully transferable. Comes with the original box, manual, and sling. Gun is on a form 3 and will be transferred to your FFL after payment is cleared. For any questions or specific pictures, please text 225-439-1818. $8000 OBO Buyer pays shipping/insurance.
  9. UZI MODEL B MACHINE GUN WITH SWD SUPPRESSOR AND ACCESSORIES (FULLY TRANSFERABLE) Very nice registered receiver conversion by Gun Trader of an IMI UZI Model B as imported by Action Arms. Included with this lot is the original Action Arms hard plastic case complete with sight adjustment wrench, 3 ½” dummy barrel, magazine loader, two 32 round and one 25 round magazines, green web sling. A SWD suppressor with soft pad covering has been fitted to this UZI. Marked “UZI semi auto / MODEL B / 9mm PARA / IMI – ISRAEL” on left side of receiver, with professionally added “A” at “F” and “S” selector. Right side of receiver has had the “Action Arms LTD" and other markings except for serial number covered with black enamel paint. These items will incur two separate transfer taxes if transferred on ATF Form 4’s. CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is extremely fine to near excellent original smooth black finish with black composite furnishings. Mechanics are crisp. Bore is near excellent shiny and bright. Bolt face near excellent. This is a select fire machine gun. Suppressor is nice but could use a good cleaning. Wipes have deteriorated. Overall a nice supressor Price is $13,000 + Shipping Any questions dont hesitiate to contact us
  10. Transferable RIA M16

    Up for sale is a nice Rock Island Armory Inc. XM15A1. This firearm is fully transferable to individuals. Comes with upper and one aluminum magazine. Firearm runs well on any ammunition. $21,000 OBO Firearm is on a Form 3 for a quick transfer to your FFL.
  11. Buyer didn't pay so this is back up I have a very nice factory Ruger AC556 with the longer barrel with a good bore. Rifle is on a form3 and ready for transfer out of Louisiana. $9,500.00 Per the ATF the manufacturer is Ruger, SN prefix of 191
  12. We have for sale a fully transferable Savage-made Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson 45 ACP SMG manufactured in Bridgeport, CT. S/N: 139958 (receiver only). Trigger frame has no S/N. Both the receiver and trigger frame were manufactured by Savage as noted by the "S" stamp near the magwell on the receiver, the FJA stamp on the receiver, the encircled GEG acceptance stamps on both the receiver and the trigger frame, and the "FULL AUTO" being on two lines on the trigger frame. It has the beveled trap door on the stock indicating it is early production. It has the protected rear sight which first appeared on the Savage M1s in the high 137000 range. It has a floating firing pin and a non-riveted grip mount, also correct for the M1 models. We believe this to be manufactured in the late 1942 to early 1943 time frame. This Thompson is in excellent condition -- please see all the full resolution photos in the link below. It is clean and has been well cared for. Also included is one 50 round drum magazine and (17) 30 round stick magazines for a total of (18) magazines. I have test fired it with both the drum magazine and several of the stick magazines and it functions 100% with both. All but a couple of the stick magazines are Seymour. The gun has NOT been modified in any way to accept the drum mag. The drum mag was modified to work with the gun. 44 Full Resolution Pics Here $23,995 $23,500 $23,000 + $250 insured shipping to your dealer. Certified funds only. This SMG is owned by us and in our possession in our Little Rock, AR shop. We will submit an electronic form 3 when we have your payment and will ship as soon as the electronic form 3 is approved. Electronic forms 3 have been taking apx. 1-3 business days. Please email or call if you have questions. Firearms 4 Less, LLC - 07/02 FFL/SOT. 501-680-4867
  13. Form 4 in VA. If transferring out of state I will cover the first stamp Excellent condition M16A1, Model 611 Heavy Barrel w/factory M60 Bipod - $26,995 Not the first owner but I have never fired this rifle, it has been a safe queen the entire time I've owned it. It does not show any signs of wear. Cannot confirm "never" fired.
  14. This is a transferable registered receiver M16. Bushmaster/BFI in Maine obtained EA J15 aluminum receivers from Essential Arms in Louisiana in the 80s and machined and registered them as select fire registered receiver M16s back when Bushmaster was making their own Gwinn Bushamster steel sheetmetal semi and select fire guns of their own design. It is very nicely milled and drilled by Bushmaster in the 80s even if the stamping of their name and address wasn't the prettiest. The pin holes are nice and tight, it was fired very, very little back in the 80s and just sat in the safe for 30 years. The gun has been here in Texas on a Form 3 for over 30 years but no longer have a FFL so it will transfer on a Form 4. The price is $18K SOLD.
  15. Edit - October 24, 2019 - Sold pending funds ADDITIONAL PICS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST Sale price - $23,000 If you're in the Austin, Texas area, I've got a place to shoot available and demonstrations can be arranged. Registered Receiver Essential Arms J-15 lower - fully transferable, currently on F4 in Texas. I am willing to sell out of state and will pay the first stamp for out of state sales. The gun has recently returned from Victor Mederos/US Anodizing in Virginia, where the original conversion was revised. The auto sear holes had material added for reinforcement and redrilled. The machining inside the receiver was cleaned up and brought to spec. The gun ran well before the work was done and it runs flawlessly now. After the machine work was completed, the lower was refinished with Type III (hardcoat) anodize film in black. Pics were taken prior to revision/refinish work. 16 years ago, I put yellow furniture and a DeWalt sticker on the gun, fabricobbled a 20 round magazine into a plastic DeWalt battery case and posted a couple pics of it on the internet. Years later, those pics have spread far and wide. If you’ve ever seen the “DeWalt Nail Gun Rifle” - this is that gun. Markings: Magwell - No logo/branding CAL.223-5.56 (factory marked) MOD: J-15 (factory marked) EA. 2*** (factory marked) GARY W. LEWIS (engraved w/ engraving pencil) F. N. M. (engraved w/ engraving pencil) Above trigger - E.A. Co. Kr. Spr. LA Selector switch area - SAFE (factory marked) SEMI (re-marked with stamp after revision work) ROCK N ROLL (stamped) Included uppers: 11.5” 5.56 - Bushmaster (circa 2003) A2 upper. Upper receiver marked w/ Alcoa logo, Barrel marked BMP 556 NATO 1/9 H BAR. Yellow furniture. This is the classic “DeWalt-16” upper. Includes Qty 1 “DeWalt Battery” 20 round 5.56 mag. It’s a 20 round Colt mag epoxied into a DeWalt 18V NiCd battery shell 7.5” 5.56 - Random gun show upper of unknown manufacture. Flat top receiver and gas block. This was never terribly reliable in 5.56 so for the last 15 years it’s been host to a Ciener 22LR conversion kit and it’s been dead reliable in that capacity, both semi and full auto. The aluminum free float hand guard was rattle can painted safety yellow that’s not a terrible match to the other yellow furniture. Includes: Qty 1 - Ciener 22lr conversion kit Qty 4 - pre-1994 Ciener 22LR mags Qty 4 - post-2004 Black Dog Machine 22LR mags 10.5” 9mm - Rock River Arms, flat top upper and gas block. This upper has less than 100 rounds through it. May require some hand fitting/fiddling. Includes: 9mm buffer/spring and 9mm hammer Hahn Precision 9mm mag well adaptor - top load Qty 3 - post-2004 20 round 9mm mags Qty 6 - post-2004 32 round 9mm mags 8” 22LR Belt Fed - Lakeside Machine Razorback. Less than 100 rounds through it, may require some hand fitting/fiddling. This upper was purchased as full-auto compatible. Includes a “4 o’clock” hammer spring, buffer assembly/spacers, and original instructions. The barrel doesn’t extend past the end of the handguard, as it’s intended to be used with a suppressor. I have a Bowers CAC-22 (heavy duty all stainless construction) that is available for a few extra bucks (and of course, the extra stamp). Includes: Qty 100 - Lakeside Machine 22LR links Qty 1 - Lakeside Machine 50 round cloth belt Qty 2 - Lakeside Machine 100 round cloth belt Qty 2 - Lakeside Machine belt box Qty 1 - Lakeside Machine belt box mag well adaptor/link catcher
  16. Up for sale is a fully transferable FNC sear installed in a paratrooper host. Functions flawlessly, burst cam is in perfect shape. Stormwerkz picatinny rail included with the host. The host itself is in nice shape, barrel has been cut to 13.1" and gas tuned for the shorter length. Will run PMAG or aluminum mags, and fires both steel case and brass fine. Price is $13,500 Sear is on a form 4 out of Louisiana and will be transferred to your dealer. Buyer pays tax stamps.
  17. Nice transferable colt 614 this is a FACTORY MG made by COLT not a conversion such as an sp1... Now comes as pictured in modern configuration (less the eotch and the suppressor mount) also comes with all original parts as well! Specs for modern parts setup: Geissele SSF trigger group KNS Pins LMT sopmod stock KAC free float rail Daniel Defense Chrome Lined barrel KAC buffer magpul grip M16 bolt On form 4 in NC and ready for transfer Willing to use an SOT dealer as a middle man if the buyer prefers $22,000 OBO call or text 704- 999 - 3287
  18. WTS/WTT: UZI registered bolt Transferable

    Full transferable registered on form 3 UZI BG Machine bolt in excellent condition like new IMI UZI host gun. Runs flawlessly. Three mags, mag coupler, original box and paperwork for host gun. $13,000 shipped. Trade interests any transferable machine gun. Terms I will accept half down and half due upon BATFE approval but full payment required before shipment. Business or personal checks require a 7 day hold to clear. Wire transfer and USPS Money Order ship same or next day after BATFE approval. Guaranteed satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will refund all but shipping fee to and from. I'm a longstand FFL/SOT and have many references of happy and completely satisfied customers available upon request. Davy Keith, Four Laws of Firearm Safety The gun is always loaded Never let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing to destroy Keep your booger hook off the trigger until your sights are on the target Always be sure of your target and what is behind it 418 Pittman Rd. Ellisville, MS 39437 (601)319-2675 (877)852-9532 Fax FFL 1-64-03368 Verify here:
  19. LaFrance Fully transferable HK Trigger Pack by Tim LaFrance of LaFrance Specialties fo SOLD The trigger frame itself is the only serialized part, and it's also virtually Indestructible. No internal parts are serialized ONLY the trigger frame seen on the picture. This fully transferable HK Trigger Pack will allow you legally covert nearly any roller locked HK & clones into a legal select fire machine gun. The trigger pack spent most of its time in the climate controlled safe and in mint condition. Form-4 in Georgia I sold a few machine guns in the past and have plenty of references. Have 100% feedback on since 2001 and also Gunbroker since 1999 You're more than welcome to come by and inspect the HK Trigger Pack in person. 100% fund up front to start the transfer. You're responsible for any transfer tax or shipping, etc
  20. Fully transferable John Norrell all steel Drop in Auto Sear (DIAS). SOLD SPF
  21. Reising M50 transferable, on Form 3, with Fed Labs case, manual, and original ammo. Comes with 4 mags, as pictured. $8000 + insured shipping See attached photo album.
  22. Transferable HK S&H sear installed in pack currently set up in 223 on form 3 from expired dealers license, so it will transfer on a form 4. full amount required by seller since this is consignment. call or text 580 628 7292. $30,000.00 both taxes paid buy buyer ( one tax in OK two if out of state)
  23. HTA RR FNC, 3rd burst kit, Para folder. Beautiful gun. 1 original FNC mag. $15,500
  24. Transferable Sten MKII, including three mags, one spoon type mag loader. Runs great! $6200. On form 4 in North Carolina.
  25. $30,000 for the sear in its pack, first transfer and shipping paid by seller. $31,500 with a PTR9CT, first transfer and shipping paid by seller. SOLD to user Barry Lutz Fleming HK conversion sear, on a Form 4 in Kentucky. Both the sear and pack are in excellent condition. I disassembled the pack to confirm the sear's serial and check its physical condition. See photos for closeups of the markings and condition of the pin holes--I see no egging, corrosion, or other issues. The serial number is marked on the sear twice, along with what I assume is a manufacturer's marking I can't make out. When last sold it came installed in an Mp5K; this time it's being sold either as: a) Pack and housing only (either an Mp5K or Mp5 housing) OR b) Installed in a lightly used PTR9CT with an A2 stock (+$1500) Logistics: I pay the first tax stamp if you're out of state! Payment: Due with submission of the first Form 4. I do not accept credit cards. I do accept all other standard payment methods. Insured shipping covered by the seller. If you do choose to purchase the PTR9CT, that can be shipped as soon as payment clears as it's a non-NFA pistol. Stock obviously can't go with the pistol if the sear and gun go separately. This is the second HK Sear I've listed here--the first sold a couple of months back and just shipped to the buyer. Link to his feedback: I run my transfers through a local SOT. He double checks the transfer papers and will handle shipping. He transferred this sear in and is familiar with both me and the sear if you'd like a reference of sorts to confirm that this is the real deal.