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  1. Well looks like B.O.A. has jumped on the PC bandwagon and announced today they will no longer lend $$ to gun companies that manufacture "military type" firearms. I.E. AK's, AR's and just about anything else firearms wise they know absolutely nothing about. Everyone's an expert these days. Anyone else tired of this bullshit liberal agenda? Not that I would ever use that scummy, immigrant staffed crap bank... BOA. Every damn branch in our area is staffed with foreigners that speak such poor English you can't get through a simple bank deposit with using hand signals and a translator. Screw Bank of America!!! The most effective way to bring liberals to their knees and the banks that fund their b.s. political pandering is BOYCOTTING Hollywood or any business's/corporations that don't suppoert ther Constitution and our President! Don't got to the movies, don't buy any movie related branded clothing, school supplies, don't patronize Disney. Hit these POS right where it will hurt them the most. In their pockets. As long as you support these maggots , they will use your $$$ to continue to undercut more and more of your rights and our way of life. R.L.