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  1. WTB: Swedish K

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  2. Selling four "Coffin" 50 rd 9mm magazines for the Suomi M31 and Swedish K (M45) SMGs in a single carrier. The magazines are in excellent condition with only minor scratches in the finish. Two of the mags have serial numbers (not matching) and a T in a Triangle in a Circle proof. The other two are unmarked. The leather carrier is in good shape with some staining to the carry strap. Is in NOT the large carrier with the side pouches for a mag loader and cleaning kit. The leather is soft and supple and all the rivets are good and solid. It is maker-marked, but hard to make out. I think it says A. Ruchti, Ultendore In an Oval proof, with the number 45 (year?) and an open cross over a W. As you all know, these coffin magazines have been drying up and are getting hard to fine. As far as I know, even Folke is out of them. The last ones I saw on Gun Broker were $155 each, shipped; sold as singletons without a carrier. I will throw in a coffin mag loader as well (my last one). Price is $600.00 shipped/insured via USPS Priority Mail. Payment by USPS Money Order, Bank Check or other Certified funds. PM me with questions: Thanks for looking! Bloodhound
  3. Swedish K Training Barrel

    Looking for a training/practice barrel for the Swedish K, this is the barrel with a 5mm smooth bore designed for the M/39 training ammo. Original or reproduction. Thanks!
  4. WTB Swedish K

    Anyone have a transferable Swedish K for sale.
  5. I have 5 hi cap coffin type magazines for the Swedish K for sale. $ 125.00 each. 1 loader is also available for 50.00. Loader sold only with magazine.
  6. I am selling my Swedish K stuff as shown in the pic. Two "C-shrouds" with bayonets $ 450,- each Blank firing barrel/BB practice barrel $ 300,- Brass catchers, two different types $ 80,- each Night sights $ 50,- Firing port covers, two different types $ 35,- each All parts in storage until I return to Louisville for the Creek on Oct 10
  7. Up for sale are several SMG parts that I no longer have use for. Been in my collection for years, and am trying to move them on. Please see links for high quality photos. The hi cap mags CANNOT be sent to ban states/areas. Shipping is not included in these prices. Feel free to make offers. Payment by money order or cashier’s check. I also can take payment by PayPal but if there are additional fees you will have to cover those. I am in Florida. 1. Uzi grip stick. This is an SMG grip stick that came from an NFA IMI RR SMG (conversion done by Group Industries). This has had the rear pin hole enlarged to fit in the converted receiver. Comes with the larger, semi auto spec pin. $60 2. AK-47 mag. I believe this is a Yugo mag. $10 SOLD 3. Uzi 25 round 9mm mag. $10 4. HK MP5 ejector. Bought this new years ago from but never used it. $40 5. Sterling 9mm UK military contract mag. This is the one that IMA was selling with the name of “clamshell” mag. These are different than the more common commercial mags. $45 SOLD PENDING FUNDS 6. Sterling SMG grip. This came from a parts kit. $19 SOLD PENDING FUNDS 7. Swedish K brass catcher part. $15 SOLD —Will
  8. Looking for a Swedish K magazine loader and brass catcher for a customer please tell me what you have available. Also any miscellaneous spare parts you don't need to a good home