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  1. REDUCED! M11/9 NIB for Sale

    New in the box SWD M11/9 for sale. Never fired $8500.00 New Price $8000.00
  2. S.W.D. M11/9 9mm Submachinegun

    EXCELLENT Condition S.W.D. M11/9 9mm Submachinegun manufactured by S.W.D. in Atlanta, GA. This firearm was bought new by the previous owner and appears to have been fired very little if at all. Includes: Factory Cardboard/Styrofoam Box, 1 Magazine, Magazine Loader, Cobray Stand, Extra Stock, Faux Suppressor, 2 Manuals (One New in Package) MORE PICS HERE $7,500.00 shipped to your dealer Jake QRF 678-614-7129
  3. S.W.D. M11-A1 .380 Submachine Gun

    EXCELLENT Condition S.W.D. M11-A1 Submachinegun chambered in .380ACP manufactured by S.W.D. in Atlanta, GA. This gun was bought new by the previous owner and appears to have been fired very little if at all. Includes: Factory Cardboard/Styrofoam Box, Faux Suppressor, Mag Loader, 1 Full Size Magazine and 2 Short Magazines, Cobray Stand, Spare Stock. MORE PICS HERE $7,250.00 shipped to your dealer. Jake QRF 678-614-7129
  4. I have some AR15 RDIAS (drop in auto sear) replacement paddles/trips for sale. There are three different styles based on the 3 most common types of drop in auto sear paddles. To make things simple, I'll list them simply as Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 paddles/trips. All are made from O1 tool steel. These have not yet been hardened. Although it's not absolutely necessary to harden these trips, I've left this step up to the buyer due to the fact that all DIAS's and their intended receivers are different, and some filing "may" (not likely) need to be done to time the DIAS correctly. I include instructions on how to check timing, make timing changes, and how to harden afterwards. All 3 types have a retaining hole for 1/8" retaining pins. Each trip comes with a new spring and retaining pin. Price per trip is $55. Shipping is $4.25. Please note that the Type 2 trip will not come with a rounded arm as shown in the pic unless you specifically ask that I bevel (round) the arm. Also, I will be on vacation from Jul 30 - Aug 2. I won't be able to ship until I return, but I will ship priority as soon as I return. I accept Google Pay, cash, or MO. Shipping is first class, and you will receive a tracking number. Payment must be made or mailed 48 hours after claim. I have buyer/seller feedback on several different forums and on GB (username Monk3ydo). Type 1: Type 2: Type 3:
  5. Up for sale is a FA Voere 22lr. This thing runs just as good and reliable as a Norell Trigger pack!! Custom work was done by the original owner/Gunsmith and now looks like a mini PPSH clone. Uses slightly modified HK270 mags which can still be found in 20/30 rounders. Comes with 6 20 round mags and 2 15 rounders! Bore is perfect!! These things are built like tanks and will last lifetimes!! Additional Mags can be bought from Practical Solutions or they can modify current Hk270 mags you might own. This 22 will run everything perfectly from CCI minimags to Standard velocity rounds. The only rounds it won’t cycle are the CCI 770fps rounds. Currently on a form 3 at a dealer in Florida. It’s in process to me on a form 4 but can be cancelled and form 3’d to a dealer of your choice. Looking to move so need to sell some toys. This thing is amazing. Minimal parts. Parts can still be found on Gunbroker or EBay, although not needed because they consist of minimal parts and there extremely robust!!! Will post some videos when I can find them running all ammo. Here are some pics for now. $5500 firm shipped and insured!! This is a steal at this price!!!!!! Mag in pic is the original 15 rd. The Hk mags are sleeker with a smooth floor plate.
  6. I have some AR15 RDIAS (drop in auto sear) replacement paddles/trips for sale. There are two different styles. The Type 2 is made out of 4140, and there are Type 1's made out of 4140 and some made out of O1. The Type 1 and 2 trips made from 4140 are $49.25 shipped, and the Type 1 trips made from O1 are $59.25 shipped. If buying multiples, I will offer a discount. Both types have a retaining hole for 1/8" retaining pins. Each trip comes with a new spring. I accept PayPal F&F, or Pay Pal goods and services if you pay an extra 3.5% to cover the fee, or USPS MO. Shipping is first class, and you will receive a tracking number. Payment must be made or mailed 48 hours after claim. I have buyer/seller feedback on several different forums and on GB (username Monk3ydo). Type 1 (4140 steel) Type 2 (4140 steel) Type 1 (O1 steel)
  7. I'm selling a couple transferable machineguns on Form 4's in Colorado from an estate. Both will require a $200 tax to your FFL/SOT. 1. FB Whitman & Son Registered Drop in Autosear. The unit is in great shape as pictured. It has the aluminum body with the steel trip. This is ready to drop in your AR15 lower with an M16 fire control and then you are ready to go. These are extremely desirable as they will fit in a variety host guns. 2. SWD Mac 11 in 9mm with a longer barreled upper and Lage pistol grip upgrade.
  8. M-11 SWD 9mm submachine gun $7400. Fully transferable on an ATF form 3 to a C-3 dealer. 9mm caliber open bolt select fire semi-and full auto submachine gun, one new magazine, with front pistol grip (M-11K) and collapsible stock. Made by SWD Inc, Atlanta, GA Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any other negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  9. Up for sale is a Mint Condition Swd M11/380 or M11/9 suppressor. This suppressor has been completely rebuilt with all modern components by Andy Blaschiek of KGB Armament of south Florida. Runs perfect in FA in 9mm or 380 and is extremely quiet do to its large volume. Has about 300 rounds total through it since it’s total rebuilt!! It’s threaded 5/8-11 but includes an adapter to attach it to 1/2-28 threads. Item includes shipping to your FFL/SOT. It’s on a Form 4. Form 4 to a dealer is currently taking 60-90 days, so don’t let that discourage you. Price is $500 shipped and I’ll pay the first stamp. So it’s like your getting it for $300. I paid $300 just for the total rebuild. Includes the endcap wrench as well. Thank you. Also includes original box and perfect condition Nomex cover!!
  10. WTS: SWD M11/nine - $7900

    SWD M11/Nine transferable machine gun with Sten-Mag Conversion on a Form-3. Detailed pictures available upon request. Price: $7900 Buyer pays $100 shipping.
  11. Exploring other options. Please close. Thank you for the boards!
  12. SWD MAC11

    I am shutting business down and i have several items I am selling. I am an 07/02. 1. Swd Mac 11- no box, titanium cocking knob and one mag. What you see in the pic is what you get. Customer transferred it in and lower was not to their liking. It was scratched. They insisted it be ceracoated black. The gun has had 2 mags through it after cera coating to ensure function. It has been shot before the cera coating but its in good condition. He now wants to sell it. The gun is very clean, I cant rate excellent because its been shot before. $7500 shipped <SOLD PENDING FUNDS> 2. Tactical solutions Cascade TSS12 Suppressor- make offer 3. Tactical suppressed Weapons 22TMA suppressor- Make Offer All items are in my position and will transfer out on a form 3 from Texas. My license is up in November and and will not be renewing. Robert Prause 254-715-6289
  13. I sold off my M11 A1 to a form member here, so its time to get the suppressor sold. I realize my only real market is here in OKLAHOMA where the suppressor lives, and that the stamp is worth more than the suppressor. If you're looking for an era-appropriate suppressor for your Mac 11 in .380 with the correct threads, this is your lucky day! SWD inc / Cobray .380 Form 4 in Oklahoma City $150 OBO. Happy to sell out of state but obviously that'll require two stamps...
  14. I'll probably regret selling this, but up for consideration is my SWD ( Cobray ) Mac M11-a1 chambered in .380 - LARGE MAGWELL Matching SWD (cobray) .380 Suppressor Each on a Form 4 in Oklahoma. This gun has been fired, but not abused. Low round count from me (less than 500). Accessories include: 1x FTF Industries: M-11 380 SMG Threaded Barrel (Improved Chamber) (installed in side-cocking upper) 1x Masterpiece Arms: 9mm Full Size Side Cocking Upper (trimmed to fit .380 lower) LAGE: Hardened Seer (not installed yet) LAGE: Improved Extractor (not installed yet) LAGE: internal safety slide (not installed yet) LAGE: 2-Piece Molded Grip with Thumb Activated Magazine Release (Large Magwell) INSTALLED 2x Original Magazines (i forgot to take pictures) 1x Shockwave 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/9 and SWD M-11A1 .380 ACP (From LAGE) 1 SET: Barrel Wrenches NOTES: Barrel is installed in side-cocking upper but has not been pinned yet. Sidecocking upper has a small gap at the rear of the bolt because of the larger ejection port for 9mm. Previously owned by "ROY" in Oklahoma (many of you know him from deals on STG). **** FULL LIST OF HIGH QUALITY IMAGES CLICK HERE **** $7,000 for all obo. **** FULL LIST OF HIGH QUALITY IMAGES CLICK HERE ****
  15. Selling for my friend who is a Class 3 dealer Transferable, PD trade-in gun, very small block lettered PD markings, overall VG+, likely not shot very much by the PD. Been in safe since 1990, test fired by me a few times over the years, but I haven't shot it much either. The white markings are just "white out", will come right off. Will come with one mag. $7500 plus shipping and insurance *Payment gets you promptly copy of transfer.
  16. SOLD pending funds! Great condition Lage MAX-31A. This complete upper receiver is for the small frame M-11 or M11-A1 and allows you to shoot 9mm using surplus 72 round Suomi drums or 50 round coffin mags. Full length top rail for optics and bottom rail for k-grip. Well less than 1,000 rounds total, and so the barrel condition is great. This upper functions perfectly and needs nothing but a new home. Owners manual and extra grip included depicted are included. No surprises, no BS. Sold! shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Credit cards ok. Questions? Call 702-763-1269.
  17. The new CF-W "A" bolt is finally here! This direct drop in replacement bolt for the large magwell SWD M-11A1 allows the use of cheaper, easier to find, and harder hitting, 9mm ammo in their small frame gun with only a barrel swap. This heavy tungsten alloy bolt drops the ROF 40% as compared to .380acp ammo, and clocks an average ROF of just under 1,000 rounds per minutes. Price for a complete, ready to run CF-W "A" bolt is $750.00 plus 4.99 shipping via insured USPS Priotiry Mail. Please call 702-763-1269 Monday - Saturday between 9:00AM - 6:00PM Pacific time to order. All major credit cards cheerfully accepted with a 3.5% up-charge. Heavy tungsten alloy bolt for the M-11/9 are also available. Chops the ROF by over half!
  18. SWD M11/9 in excellent condition and runs great. Original bolt was replaced with hardened fixed firing pin bolt. Comes with magazine, loader, front strap and hanger, user's manual, cleaning rod and box. Also includes (but not shown) 6 extra mags (7 total) & original bolt. Shipping to lower 48 states included (insurance extra) Please email to or PM with any questions. Thanks for looking, James 07FFL/SOT 864-430-4286
  19. WTS: STREET SWEEPER 12ga New in Orig Box $1465

    New, never fired, in stock and will ship in the original box with all the accessories and manual. Will transfer out on a F3 and will eFile for quickest transfer times. Price $1,465 and Shipping is included.
  20. Selling a new SWD M11/9. Excellent. Form 4 in Alabama. $8500 shipped.
  21. PACKAGE IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS **PURCHASE BEFORE 41F…WEDNESDAY JULY 13TH IF YOU LIVE IN VA. MY DEALER WILL START YOUR FORM 4 IMMEDIATELY UPON MY PAYMENT. SINCE THIS IS ON THE LINE IF YOU ARE IN VA $1000 STARTS F4 WITH REMAINDER DUE WITHIN 7 BUSINESS DAYS Up for sale is a 1985 production SWD M11-NINE (9mm) currently on a Form 3 in Virginia. The MG was recently sent to Sam at Practical Solutions for a look over, bullet proofing (complete welds vs SWD’s tack welds which were known to split and or crack...Ready to be shot until you're too sore) and refinish. I can provide a copy of the invoice if interested. The SMG has remained in my dealers safe without being fired since Sams work/refinish. I also have a Bowers Group CAC9 that will go with the SMG along with various spare parts and accessories listed below. Asking $7799 OBO(READ TRADES BELOW) Shipped and insured for the entire package. What’s included with the M11-NINE: (1) SWD M11-NINE Transferable MG serial number 85-00049XX (1) Bowers Group CAC9 Serial number S6XX with cover (1) Spare SWD M11-NINE barreled upper with thread on flash hider (used) (1) SWD marked original collapsable/folding stock (1) Synthetic fixed stock (2) Spare buffers (new) (1) Complete spring kit (new) (1) Faux Suppressor with foam cover (11) SWD marked Zytal 30rd mags (light use) (6) Metal 30rd mags (mix of new and like new) (1) Factory mag loader (1) Barrel Wrench (1) Original strap and hanger (1) Original factory manual (1) Cobray/SWD M11 bag with pouches for suppressor and spare parts/magazines (1) Cobray/SWD M11 range bag Price,Shipping,Payment Price: $7799 OBO shipped and insured to your dealer or you can pick up the MG and suppressor if you live in VA once your forms clear. I am only interested in the following items as partial or complete trade with additional funds on my side if needed. Rare or unusual HK and KAC items(rifles,pistols, accessories,literature). Other transferable machine guns, transferable Colt 607 with original two position stock, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot etc watches. Large US Currency($500,$1000,$5000,$10000 notes) Try me, all I can say is no thanks or let’s do this. BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS (2) $200 STAMPS IF PURCHASING IN STATE ON A FORM 4. Shipping: SWD M11-NINE and Bowers CAC9 will ship via USPS registered mail once Form 3 clears or you may pick them up at various gun shows across VA if you live in VA or in person at his store if you prefer and you are a Virginia resident. Payment: I will only accept payment via the aforementioned partial or complete trades, Certified bank checks, wire transfers, cash if you live in VA or decide to view the Mac in person. I can also accept credit cards with an additional charge of 3.5%. Finally, Feel free to PM,email me if you have any questions, require addition photos etc. I can provide references at your request. Thanks for your interest, Justin
  22. The major drawback of the SWD M-11/9 has always been it's very high rate of fire. It's little more than a bullet hose in OEM form. Over the years, various methods have been employed to reduce the ROF. These have ranged from dismal to very good. Unfortunately, rate of fire reduction has come at the expense of overall size... until now. The CF-W bolts are manufactured from heavy Tungsten alloy. While very close to the density of pure tungsten, heavy alloy provides a unique combination of corrosion resistance, density, mechanical strength, and machinability. This increases the bolt's original weight of 15.88 ounces up to 32 ounces, and reduces the ROF by over half. Easy singles are now possible while retaining the gun's original compact size.The reviews of the first run of 100 have been very positive and they sold out quickly. bolts are delivered pre-assembled and ready to drop into your OEM upper or side cocker. Cost for a completely assembled CF-W bolt is $750.00. We now offer $9.99 USPS Priority Mail shipping! Your package is fully insured, so an adult signature is required at time of delivery. Credit cards are cheerfully accepted but their use will add a 3.5% up charge.To order, please call 1-702-763-1269 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Time, Monday through Saturday. For additional information please email Sorry, no Nevada sales at this time. We have every part needed for an OEM style bolt. These are in stock and ship via Priority Mail for a flat $3.00 charge.*Extra polyurethane buffers are available for $4.50 each. *I'd strongly suggest the purchase of an extra ejector rod for $11.00.*Recoil spring guide rods are available for $10.00 each. *Spare recoil springs $7.50 each. Two recoils springs, $13.25. *I have a few NOS original "hockey puck" style cocking knobs at $15.00 each. *Enhanced extractors are $9.50, extractor spring is $4.50. *OEM style firing pins, $20.00*Firing pin retainers $9.00.*Extractor roll pins, 2 for $2.00.*Recoil/back plates $7.50. Go from this... To this! *A 9mm CF-W bolt for the SWD M-11A1 .380acp buzz guns is now being sold. The future is tungsten!
  23. Package includes: 1) Transferable ('85 manufacture) SWD M11A1 .380 SMG in original box. Appears to be very, very low round count. Unfired by me. 2) SWD Suppressor that was rebuilt by KGB Armament with modern baffles $7300 6750 shipped CONUS; on a form 4 in FL. Buyer pays all taxes. Call or text Nine five four five nine one zero two three nine. matthewtroccoliesq (at) gmail (dot) com Thanks, Matt
  24. WTS: SWD MAC-10/9, $6200

    This is a SWD MAC-10/9 in excellent condition. Built with Cobray parts, includes 3 magazines, spare upper with barrel, wood stock, barrel extension, manual, strap, sling, and Cobray holster. Transfers on a Form 4.
  25. WTB Swd M11 nine m11/9

    I am trying to get my first machine gun. Im looking for the swd m11-9. Thank you,