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  1. MAC 10 - Powder Springs Parts Set

    MINT, NEVER USED POWDER SPRINGS PARTS SET 9MM - $ 3000.00 Transform your worn-out MAC into a blue-chip investment grade piece with this fantastically mint parts set. Non-Powder Springs MAC receivers may require minor gunsmith work. You should plan to have a gunsmith replace out all parts. No receiver included with parts set. Parts set will only work with NFA registered receivers. Up for sale is a complete, mint, unused Powder Springs parts set. All of these parts pictured were produced in the early 70’s. Powder Springs MAC’s are superior over later models because of the very expensive high temperature heat treating process given to the metal, making them more reliable and lasting longer. This was only done in the early 70’s for potential military contracts. This parts set came off of a never used Powder Springs Ingram that was still sealed in the original factory bag since the 70’s. I purchased this sealed mint MAC in Oct 2009 and carefully stripped the mint parts set from the receiver. I then stored this complete mint, never fired, parts set in an air tight sealed container with silica to safeguard its mint condition. Everything looks crisp, vibrant, and like it was made yesterday. This is about as rare as it gets. Parts set comes with a significant amount of paper work to establish provenance. Provenance includes previous email communications, copies of BATF transfers, original auction listing and pictures, and a notarized affidavit. It guarantees that the parts set is original, mint, and never used. Parts Set comes with one mag. For an extra charge, I have 3 extra mags available. These are original mac 9mm magazines from Powder Springs. Extremely hard to find and essential for your investment if you own a MAC receiver for 9mm. Original Magazines are all early 70’s production. The original MAC Walther MP9 magazines practically guarantees flawless feeding and functioning. Magazines shows slight wear to finish and are like new. CONTACT AND SHIPPING I will be happy to answer any questions and email more detailed pictures. Use the profile message system for contact. Do not reply in posts. Shipping for Powder Springs parts set is 85.00, which includes insurance, tracking, signature confirmation, and extra material for careful packing. Use the Profile Message system for contact. Do not reply in posts. Bottom line, it is not a good idea to post your e-mail address in a reply to an ad. Here are some reasons: It signals your intent to a potential scammer - They know exactly what you want, and where to send you their request for payment They may appear to have a similar address to the person who posted the ad...Just think about how easy it is to get a free, customized e-mail address - This can be done anywhere in the world It's poor etiquette...You should be reaching out to the seller, not asking them to contact you You should contact the seller using the Profile Message feature, or through their e-mail address directly, without posting your e-mail in a reply to their original ad for all to see A buyer should always speak to the seller. Vet them out. Be appropriately cautious before you send out hundreds, or thousands of dollars. Never wire money...Never, ever. Do not send funds via Moneygram. Once you speak to the person, and are comfortable that they do not appear to be a scammer, check their address and contact information. Check their FFL address against the ATF database. Check their address on Google Street View, and see if it appears valid. Visit them, and see the gun in person, especially if it's very expensive. If the deal is too good, or anything doesn't feel right, walk away. Don't get greedy. If the deal is too good, there's a problem. -David Albert (Administrator sturmgewehr)