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  1. MP44 bnz parts kit with cut receiver. Many matching parts, some stamped, some penciled. No numbers stamped on barrel. Bought some years ago to build, just too many projects. $6500 OBO. Direct email only, please: Remove NOSPAM from email.
  2. Hi I'm looking to buy one of each listed above to have as spares for my collection. If you have any MP38, MP40 or StG44 parts kits for sale please contact me! Thanks!
  3. MP-43 Stg44 Mystery Part

    Finishing up my post sample MP43 build and I'm missing the "tappet" (Since I don't know what to call it) in the bolt carrier/piston that hits the firing pin when hit by the hammer. None of the schematics I have found even show it. I'm certain I can make it but looking for some guidance. Thanks! -Jack
  4. MP43/STG44 Hammer Pin Removal

    I'm trying to remove the hammer pin and replace the hammer on a MP43 build. The pins seem to be riveted in or have a small flange on each end. What is the best method for removal ? Jack B in Shawnee
  5. WTS MP44

    Nice working MP44 on Form 3, $28,000. email: phone text: 318-617-7982 photos => 44
  6. Complete STG44 (Hanel) parts set ,excellent barrel, comes with one magazine and includes 2 saw cut receiver for $6500. 07/02 will complete as a post sample with your completed form 2 for a total price of $7000 and guarantee
  7. Looking for info on full-auto conversion of the .22 cal GSG STG-44? Anyone making the necessary part(s)? General experiences or thoughts-in-hindsightfrom those that have done it would also be appreciated. I can be contacted directly at if you prefer. Remove NOSPAM from email. Thanks!