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  1. FOR SALE are 2 Sten MkIII kits with barrels in very good condition. I have seen MkIII kits without barrels in poor condition from $125 to $170. I have seen a MkIII kit like mine for $400. The price is $200 each + shipping cost. Please post here which kit you want (#1 or #2) and email me at for more info.
  2. 9 Sten mags were $20 each, now $15 each + shipping cost. Please email me at for more info.
  3. I really want to thank everyone that responded to my ad. Overwhelming is an understatement. With the exception of one gun I offered, all the others were sold pending receipt of funds. I guess if something happens that a sale fails, I'll relist the item Again, thanks to everyone and to Dave for providing this wonderful forum to sell guns. Best to all, Bruce
  4. I am an NFA Dealer and interested in nearly any machine gun on the market. Cash in hand, ready to spend. Long standing business, plenty of references, recent entry to the NFA Market. Many Trade Items Available: Gold/Silver American Eagles, Bullion, Rare Coins, WW2 Firearms, Jewelry & Diamonds and Other Rare Items: OSS Issued Kodak Eastman Matchbox Camera (WW2 Spy Camera) for example. This is a competitive market and I aim to compete, don't sell without getting an offer. I'll make you happy :-) Business Hours: 10AM-7PM Mon-Sat Private Message, Text or Call Cell: 740-312-418FIVE. Office: 740-500-443EIGHT
  5. WTS Sten MKII

    Selling for a very close friend. Sten MKII built by Barr Armsmaker. Welds look fantastic and runs 100%! Gun and all in pic is included. It’s too my understanding that Barr stands behind his work and offers a lifetime warranty on his guns. This is a transferable and will transfer on a form 3 out of PA. $7500 shipped!
  6. WTB: Sten MKII front sight

    I need the front sight for my Sten MKII. I am willing to pay top dollar! Thanks, Michael
  7. Here is a complete sten MK11 with a full auto receiver tube. New barrel nuts. Also comes with pistol grip also new. The sten kit has been already prepped for building with everything cleaned out and done right. not just chopped off.This one has the billet sear not the stamped one, good parts. This is a very good deal for someone. 325.00 shipped And it comes with mags too.
  8. Looking for Sten magazines and a loader. Thank you, Milan
  9. WTB small slot DLO Tube

    WTB DLO small slot tube..
  10. For Sale is one Sten Mk2 Lot. This is a very special Sten MK2 Built by Tim Lafrance of LaFrance Specialties. When I bought this particular example from David Spiwak a number of years ago I was told that it was a movie prop gun for the Steambridge company. One of the barrels that comes with the Sten is threaded internally for a blank firing plug, this plug was threaded in to the barrel and had a small hole so the Sten would cycle with blanks. The plug is no longer with the barrel but you can still see where it was threaded. Included is: 1. Tim LaFrance Sten MK2, Desert rat tan paint camo, (parkerized with black paint under tan) 2. SCRC MK25 Integral suppressed sten barrel, This silencer has a ported barrel that will take a super sonic load to sub sonic, Works best with 115 or 124g ammo for subsonic results. I can and have shot this sten indoors with no hearing protection with NATO spec ammo. 3. 2 barrels, The Tan barrel is the factory Lafrance modified barrel (threading does not hurt accuracy). The black barrel came from a parts kit 4. 3 bolts, 1 Bronze bolt for use with the silencer (I've tried to hear a difference, I cant, I say its a myth) and 2 spare steel bolts. 5. 2 extra stocks, one standard stock and one shortened for body armor or smaller framed shooters (the stock on the sten is a early) IMA-USA had them listed as "British Sten Early Experimental Butt Stock" for a significantly higher price, " Peter Laidler, in The Sten Machine Carbine, pages 254-255, identifies these as very early designs because of the internal strut provided for attachment of the Enfield rifle sling" 6. MAGS!!! tons of them, 27 total....15 of those are Desert RAT mags, very interesting pieces of WW2 history. On a F4 in VA. Buyer pays actual shipping and transfer fees. Images coming shortly, having some uploading issues so enjoy watching this old exhaust pipe run like a sewing machine. EDIT... Images are here:
  11. In search of bona-fide letter copies of BATFE rulings or letters on assembling Sterling models on pre 86 Sten receivers. So much misinformation out there . Thanks guys.
  12. WTS: Sten magazine loaders: Box type, $20 forDuckbill” type, $12 for blade type or $25 for both. See picture.
  13. Transferable Sten MKII, including three mags, one spoon type mag loader. Runs great! $6200. On form 4 in North Carolina.
  14. Various nice Sten stocks, ie “hoop” stock $40, grip stock (smaller one) $15, larger grip stock, $20.
  15. Lancaster 50 round magazine; will also fit and work with Sten. $80.
  16. Various Sten parts, see picture. $195 ncluding insured USPS shipping. J
  17. WTS: Nice Sten parts kit, $175.
  18. I have for sale as shown in pic a Nicely De-milled WW2 Sten MKII Parts Set. The Trigger assembly still has the original Tabs on it. Includes 2 Sten Mags. The Sten MKII is the Nicer of the Sten Guns, It has the barrel assembly that can be removed by barrel nut,Plus the Mag well will rotate to put the magazine on the bottom of the gun or on the left side of the gun. Ideal parts set for a semi-auto Sten Build or a 07/SOT Manufacturer to build into a Post Sample Machine gun. Parts Set is Complete with all parts. $300.00 + Shipping (Shipping is Extra) Will get you actual Shipping. Ill accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal Discreet as a Gift Only (Friends and Family) Thank you for looking, Murray Over In Carolina
  19. STEN PARTS KIT NOW *$200.00 Delivered* What you see is what you get. $225.00 delivered/ Priority Mail with tracking. Please PM me with any questions. Thank you very much. Alan
  20. Original British Sten MK II parts kit. Very good condition with shiny barrel and good grooves.$225.00 and $13.95. Thank you for looking.
  21. WTB sten on form 4 in FL

    Just sold a thompson and looking for a project sten in Florida on form 4. Thanks! Beau 4106933036
  22. DLO Sten MKII

    Transferable DLO Sten MK2 on a form 4 in GA. It is a tube gun and the form manufacture is listed as DLO. Runs without issue with good mags and comes with a brand new shortened and threaded barrel, replica canvas suppressor cover, parts kit, T-Stock and 15-20 mags in addition to the configuration you see in the image. Mainly interested in trading for a Stemple 76/45, MK760, or other transferables with cash on my end. Not interested in MACs or m11/9 at the moment. Please let me know if there are any questions or requests for additional information. Selling price would be $7500.
  23. Sten MKII 9mm in good shape. Receiver marked J. Stemple Groveport Ohio, magwell marked H.F & Co. LTD. $ magazines and speed loader. In stock and ready to go on a form 3. $7100 shipped, insurance paid by buyer if desired. Ohio residents are subject to Ohio Sales tax. We have more pictures, and can take any pictures desired. Can also be seen locally at our retail store in central Ohio. Please email
  24. Sten MKlll Saw Cut Parts Set

    I have for sale as shown in pic a Sten MKlll Sub Machinegun Part Set, Includes 3 Sten Mags. Saw Cut and Complete with all parts including Original Barrel. All Parts are in very good condition. Very Easy Re-Build for a Semi Auto Sten or A Sub Machinegun (Post Sample Machinegun, Must have an 07/SOT) This is a Saw Cut Part Set. Most sets on the market these days are Torch Cut. $225 SOLD Shipping Extra (will get you actual Shipping) Ill accept as payment US Postal Money Order or PayPal (Discreet as a Gift Only) First "Ill take it" in this thread gets it , Followed by a PM to me. If you have any questions or comments PM Me.