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  1. Transferale/PRE 86 New prices and some new guns

    Please email me directly using or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern Here are the Pre86s Thompson 8,500 with 1 mag HK33 9,000 comes with mag pouch & 2 mags MG34 9,000 comes with extra belts & starter tabs. Parts kit available Here are transferables FN FNC folder 13,000 Sear is from S&H (Higgins in Owasso OK) 3 rd burst/FA/Safe/Semi 1 mag FN FNC 11,000 Sear from Higgins. 1 mag BTW: FNCs use M16/AR15 mags Ruger AC556 11,000 NEW IN BOX. Complete as it came from Ruger AR15 SP1 16,000 with 1 mag Stemple 76/45 NIB w/Suppresssor 8,500 Note: This submachine gun is sought after because: (1) Excellent subgun as is. -----SORRY BUT I HAVE BEEN INFORMED THAT MY STEMPLE CAN NOT BE CONVERTED ---- PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHICH IS NOT CORRECT: (2) uses the registered tube to make STG's as Thompson, Suomi etc. Visit their website to see what this can become. These guns are here and owned by me. If interested please email me, I have pictures. Or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern I have been a RECOMMENDED DEALER on Tom Bowers since 2001 I do eforms