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  1. M1A standard in the highlander camo with Vortex Crossfire II 4-14 in Springfield Mount. Like new in factory soft case with two mags. $1320 shipped to FFL.
  2. Beretta Springfield BM-59 Fully Transferable Beretta BM-59 imported by Springfield. 7.62 NATO X-000246 Select fire machine gun with bi-pod, grenade sight, pistol grip, folding stock, 18" barrel and one magazine. Alpine MKIII model intended for mountain troops with winter trigger for gloved hand. Excellent condition. May possibly not have been fired. Buyer pays $150 FED-EX priority shipping and insurance. $12,995 Firearm(s) in this ad are possessed by, titled to, and will be shipped by John Norrell Inc. These are not being brokered and are not third-party sales. Firearm in this ad will be transferred to a class III dealer on an ATF E-form 3. John Norrell has been a licensed manufacturer and dealer (C-2/C-3) for 35 years and is currently an officer of the U.S. Federal Court appointed in the role as a Special Master administrator to liquidate NFA firearms released directly to us by ATF under court order. All NFA rules apply. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money payable to JOHN NORRELL, INC. This item is listed by, and the website and postings are monitored by E. A. Shelnutt of John Norrell, Inc. When a party offers the full advertised amount, they are automatically the official buyer and any ongoing negotiations or conversations with other parties are no longer relevant.
  3. We are selling a fully automatic M1A(M14) rifle produced by Springfield Armory and converted by Rock Island Armory (RIA) to select fire M14. This rifle was recently received from an estate and has been stored in a home vault for an extended period of time. This is a good example of a clean, fully transferable M1A to M14 conversion by a notable manufacturer. The rifle is stated by the estate executor to have been rarely fired. Bolt is marked 7790186 TRW ZG. Trigger is marked T 267030-G. Operation rod is marked 7267064-SA. Barrel appears to be unmarked. Rifle has a 22" barrel with a nice bore. Stock is likely a nice original Springfield stock. Receiver is marked RIA U.S. Rifle 7362mm M1A Springfield Armory 018939. Comes with two 20-round magazines and four 30-round mags. Included at nor charge are a couple of other stocks to play with and adapt to this rifle. The price is $12,999. This rifle is fully transferable. We will sell to dealer only. All NFA rules apply. Payment is expected via certified funds. Buyer pays shipping at actual carrier's shipping charges. Be aware that the first person who offers the full asking amount for this product will be the purchaser. This applies even if someone else has offered a lower price or is involved in negotiations. This firearm was function tested and visually inspected only. It has not been test fired. Please bid accordingly. This item will be shipped from John Norrell, Inc. Continental U.S. only. Please look at the photos and have confidence in purchasing. Acceptable payment will be in the form of either a cashier's check or a money order made to the order of JOHN NORRELL, INC. Buyer will pay actual carrier shipping with insurance and adult signature. This item is being sold by E. A. Shelnutt for John Norrell, Inc. Please enclose a copy of your personal identification containing your name and address. We would also like your phone number and email address and a description of the item being purchased in the envelope with your payment. We will ship to FFL in the continental US only and buyer must provide the FFL to us. Please be aware that if your shipment is returned for inability to deliver, you will be expected to pay a second shipping charge to re-send. We require an adult signature on most shipments. We do all that we can to achieve customer satisfaction. Norrell123
  4. We are now offering a couple of new handguns to our line-up. The Springfield X D M 3.8” Full-Size 9mm Bi-Tone and LWS .32 SEECAMP And LWS 380 SEECAMP . We have to lowest prices you will find. Call us at 815-734-7346 or 800-675-6906 to talk more. We have the best prices on the Web. Visit our website
  5. This is a SAR-48 with an accessory rail, chambered in .308 Win. It's pretty clean, and it's just a cool gun to have! Its been kept in my safe for a very long time. I'm selling this, along with a number of other pieces (mainly NFA), because I am in the final stages of purchasing a new house. Please look for my other listings! $2175 + Actual cost of shipping - Priced for a QUICK sale. Shipping includes Professional packing, Insurance, and requires an Adult Signature - everything you would expect when purchasing a high quality piece. I accept payment via cashier’s check, money order, or wire transfer. Credit cards may be accepted but there will be a 3% fee. You can contact me on here with any questions, via my personal email (, or you can call my cell at (239) 825-53four8 - please leave a voicemail if I don't answer and I will call you back ASAP. If you have any concerns, references are available upon request. I am very reputable in both the firearms and NFA worlds. I am an FFL holder and I own a business based out of Naples, FL. We operate out of an 8,000 square foot building and specialize in buying and selling guns along with ammo and other accessories. We often sell at gun shows in the Fort Myers, Tampa, and Miami areas. This has been my profession for many years. If there is anything that you are looking for, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! For the quickest response, you can reach my assistant by phone Monday through Friday between 8am and 4:30pm EST at (239) 434-0841.