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  1. Hello All: I plan on Not Renewing my SOT. Since All of them Renew on July1, Many Dealers Give them Up and Sell in the last 3 months of the year ending June 30th I am a 07 MFR and Have a Number of Post 86 Machineguns My thinking is why sell during that three months when the most post samples are being sold and having stiffer competition?? I am thinking of renewing, then going out of business October 15th and sell off during the 90 days from July 15th to October 15th Spend another $500 and I bet i would get enough dollars to cover one more $500 SOT expense Any thoughts??? Thanks for looking
  2. I have the machines and tools, and now the time. If I get an SOT 01 or 07 (and I have some bling-type MG parts kits for the movie business already - the stranger the better in the rental business!!!!): What are my options to KEEP or DISPOSE of the post sample I BUILD after I give up the SOT What are my options to KEEP or DISPOSE of post samples I BUY after i give up the SOT? Do the Form 4 guns I already have go on the SOT license (they're in trust) or are they unaffected? Just asking because health issues are just around the corner but I do want to build a few things I can rent to the film industry. In this complex world, the background information turns out to be as important as the start up information. Any pitfalls for applying for the SOT? thanks for answering
  3. Looking for a SOT in Fayetteville, GA to handle a dealer to dealer the transfer of several suppressors. I have three suppressors pruchased by a customer who is now moving to Fayetteville and I need a local dealer to handle the transfer. Please advise if anyone knows someone who will handle. Thanks Ken
  4. Anyone know current times on a transfer of a NFA item from a dealer with just a FFl(gave up there sot) currently on a form 4 to a SOT? Thank you.
  5. H&K GMG 40mm

    For sale is an H&K GMG 40mm Grenade Launcher, one of the most technologically advanced grenade machine guns in the world. This has NEVER been fired and is the only one in the United States that is owned privately. Serious inquiries only. SOT & law letter required. As seen in pictures, the condition is great and it has been stored in a controlled environment. Comes with 1200 rounds of training ammo (does not require individual tax stamps) Price is $185,000.