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  1. Fully transferable Ruger AC556-F machine gun carbine with folding stock. The AC-556 is a selective-fire version of the Mini-14 marketed for military and law enforcement use. "F" versions have folding stocks. The design incorporates a selector on the right/rear of the receiver to select either semi-automatic, 3-round burst, or full-automatic fire modes; the manual safety at the front of the trigger guard operates the same as a standard Mini-14. The front sight is winged and incorporates a bayonet lug. The 13-inch (330 mm) barrel incorporates a flash suppressor, which can be used to launch approved tear-gas and smoke grenades. A folding stock was used on the AC-556F and AC-556K. Fully transferable Ruger AC556-F machine gun carbine with folding stock, semi-3 shot burst and full auto with selector modes. Barrel is 13" with 24" overall length when stock is folded. 5.56mm caliber, blued carbine and blued magazine. Comes with five (5) 30 round mags and one (1) 20 round mag. Excellent condition, has not been fired. Included is a spare part kit and two (2) .22 conversion kits with five (5) new black dog .22 mags. Please email me for pics of the spare parts kit and the .22 conversions kits. Acceptable payment will be a cashier's check or money order. Buyer pays all transfer and shipping plus insurance costs. Price: $9,000