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  2. Found a direct contact with DI Optical for a DCL 110 and DCL100 red dot sights for the M2HB and M249 BUT, concerned that company invoice is s scam??? Anyone doing business with them out of Santa Fe Strings, CA? Retailers are saying [product discontinued but I have an invoice with prices for two items allegedly discontinued. PAYPAL request for payment - if it's a scam will I get my $k back? Just askin!
  3. The model number is for a heads up red dot sight for 12.7mm .50 Browning with a range knob for adjusting the impact range of the dot. They make red dot sights for 50-762-556 heavy and LMGs with range knobs to adjusting the red dot. DI Optical sold some 1000 of the DCL120s to the US military for use in Afghanistan back in the 2007s or so. Anyone use or heard of issues or how this sight worked on the Ma Deuce? Also interested in info on the DCL110 and DCL100s made for SAW and other LMGs in the two smaller calibers. Anyone ever use the DCL110 or DCL100? Recoil issues? Not seen one for sale in forever - any in private hands?
  4. HK 93, HK33, & HK 53 Rear Sight Assembly Complete - $39.95 Heckler & Koch XS Front & Rear Night Sight System - HK - $137.95 XS Sight Systems HK German Rear Sight Spare, Repair Kit - $24.95 Heckler & Koch In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  5. XS Front & Rear Night Sight System - HK - $137.95 XS Sight Systems HK MP5 Rear Receiver Section - $24.95 Heckler & Koch Rear Sight Sets Complete All 7 pieces - MP5 New - $119.95 Heckler & Koch Rear Sight Sets Complete - Windage Knob - MP5 - $124.95 Heckler & Koch Trijicon Front Night Sight - XS Sight - 90 Series - Big Dot - $68.95 XS Sight Systems In stock and ready to ship today. HKPARTS (801) 987-3494
  6. HK MP5, 94, MP5K, SP89 & HK53 Front Sight Tower - US Made - BilletedNew US made from a solid billet of ordnance grade steel. Each front sight tower, triple frame set comes complete with a new HK diopter style replaceable front sight post & roll pin. This is the complete set made to the highest tolerances. No ugly castings or low quality inferior contact parts only the finest American billeted all steel front sight tower assembly. Simply the finest front sight tower at the best price anywhere!Each sight assembly includes: Billeted steel front sight tower Steel front sight blade Roll pin for sight blade Factory correct HK style front sight tower, triple frame for the following:HK MP5, 94HK MP5K, SP89, MP5K-NCustom HK builds & clonesHK53 factory correct height for builds-----------------Price: $34.87-----------------Follow the link for more details and to order online. You can also order through the phone at (801) 987-3494 here for our complete inventory and kits available here at HK parts.
  7. Brand New, Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T, Variable Power Scope with Illuminated Circle Dot Reticle. This was purchased for a gun that I sold before I received the scope so it was never even mounted on a gun. Only taken out of Box for inspection and images. It comes with everything from Leupold: Factory Box; Paperwork; Decal; Flip-Open Lens Covers; and Factory Mount for Picatinny Rails. Final Price Reduction: $850 Shipped in CONUS. Also Open to Trades… Direct Email:
  8. I am looking for an excellent condition M1 Carbine front sight which has a number 4 on the side. Please contact I will pay up to $150, depending on condition. Thank you!
  9. Looking for a complete m79 rear sight with bracket etc.
  10. Selling a Brand New in box, never mounted, Factory Trijicon, RMR (Dual Illumination: Tritium & Fiber Optic) with 12.9 moa Green Triangle. Included is a Brand New, Trijicon, Low-Profile, Picatinny Rail Mount. Everything needed to attach to your platform. Perfect in bright light or at night. And you never need batteries. Great sight for Subguns and Belt-Feds. Price: $595 Delivered in CONUS. Open to Trades for Guns, Parts, etc...
  11. I have for sale as shown in pics, a nice ACOG TA01 NSN Sight (Repro). This is a very nice copy of the ACOG and works great. I've been using it on my AR for about 6 months with no issues (sold AR). Holds zero. Very good condition. Includes Custom Carrying Case, ACOG Military Field Manual and Elite Lens Cleaning System tool. Operator Manual is a USGI Manual. $140.00 Shipping extra. I will accept as payment: US Postal Money Order or PayPal (discreet as a gift only) Thank you for looking, Murray Over in Carolina