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  1. One can only hope these feckless bastards will try such terroristic attacks in heavily armed cities such as mine. I for one would love to "sanction" one of these worthless turds or more if necessary, in the act of protecting myself after an attack on my person or family. Being the cowardly pussies they are, that will never happen, but hope springs eternal. The day is coming friends when we all will be forced to make that snap decision to use deadly force against these worthless POS communist fags. They are spoiling for it, I say give them what they want after they start it first. Make sure you are armed this 4th of July, state and local law allowing it of course. Practice , practice, practice, and if the situation necessitates, headshots for the filthy cretons to eliminate the personal threat instantaneously. Fear for your life is just that with deadly force being justified in many states. ERR... the red ones anyway. Sorry Dennis! Maintain situational awareness, be prepared, act quickly and accordingly. Stay safe y'all and rejoice in celebrating the birthday of the founding of this Great Country. Vote Trump in 2020 !!!!!!!! R.L.