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  1. Got this email today and it was far too easy to find out it is a scammer, got called out on 2 other boards on the HK sear! Here is where he posted Pics of said sear, which was taken from a video that was not his and called out on it. Then crickets, go figure..... Then a moderator removed it from this other board, they knew it was a scam too: Hello, I am Kevin, I'm looking to relinquish my gun collection to raise some quick cash for an important project I'm working on. I have always collected these firearms as a form of investment. This seems like a great time to let go of some to raise cash. I have asked around and your name came up as someone who might be interested. Below is a list of arms in my collection: -HK G3K -MP5 Sear -Ruger AC556 -M16A2 -IMI UZI I am working on a more detailed file comprising of photos and brief descriptions of each of the arms. I'll send you a link to my dropbox for more information. Let me know if you're interested or know someone who might have interest. I am also interested in trades, provided it includes cash. Cheers K Kirkland (717) 467-3793
  2. Scammer "Ammunitions for sale,..."

    Just got this email. "Ammunitions" for sale and transferable MG's at rock bottom prices. Hmm yeah I don't think so. Fwd: Post samples and ammunitions for sale,.. Inbox x tonya butler <> 3:21 PM (5 minutes ago) to HK51 @ $14025.00 Mini Uzi @ $13525.00 AC556K @ $6125.00 AC556 Folder @ $6800.00 M2 Carbine @ $4625.00 Sten @ $3525.00 HK Operational FBI Briefcase @ $2500.00 HK93 Marked HK33 Sear Ready @ $2000.00 Johnson 1941 Rifle @ $1750.00 HK91 Rifle @ $1400.00 NO LETTER dealer samples in the list below AC 556 $7,200 M14 13k Colt M16a2 FORM 3 $23k Humvee turtleback $27k M11 9mm $5,200 AC 556 $8k M16a1 $21k Lend Lease Grease Gun $19k 1928 Thompson $16k Group Ind Uzi with 22 and 45 kits $14k Maxim 08/15 $7k Iver Johnson M2 NICE $6,500 Sten MK 5 integral suppressed $7k Reising M50 $6,500 M11 9mm FORM 3 $6k M10a1 $4,900 Post 86 Dealer Samples NO LETTER! MG 42 $6k Mini Uzi NIB $4k Inland M2 Carbine $3,500 Beretta 38A $2k HK UMP 40 $3k HK UMP 45 $3k Sterling $3k Glock 19 $2k AK 47 $1,700 Soumi $1,500 AK 47 $1,700 PPS 43 $2,200 M11a1 $1,400 M10 $1,600 Ammunition TWO 50rd boxes NORINCO Quality 124gr. 9x19mm Parabellum Boxer Primed Non Corrosive 100 Cartridges / BUY TWO BOXES (100 rds) $37 shipped. 400 rounds of 9mm Mak 92grn FMJ Tulammo. 3 yrs old. Has been stored in airtight ammo can at a stable 70* F. $115.00 shipped CONUS. Reduced to $100.00 shipped! Have MILITARY OLIN MATHIESON CHEMICAL CORPORATION 50 Cartridges Pistol Ball Caliber .45 ACP M1911 230 grain FMJ ammo, non-corrosive, in PERFECT condition in original boxes in PERFECT condition, 50 Round Boxes $24 per box plus shipping or HOLIDAY SPECIAL: $23 PER BOX IF ALL 13 BOXES BOUGHT $299 Have only THREE NIB 100 Rifle Bullets Boxes each of Sierra MatchKing 30 caliber .308 diameter 168 grain HPBT MATCH BULLETS (Total 300 Rifle Bullets) $90 shipped in USA. 500 rd can of Winchester 308 1960's vintage Very good shape. $375 plus shipping I have one unopened can of WWII .45acp ammunition for sale. It was sent to Russia and later repackaged and sold. 756rds. I bought two of these years ago, shot most of the other one, and saved this one. Most rounds are from 1942 (going by what was in the other can). I still have a few loose rounds from the last can that I will include. "Mildly" corrosive, so you will have to clean up after firing it. $350 WTS .22 Winchester Mag 40gr FMJ & HP 250rds/$80 & Shotshells 132rds/$60 .From my Ammo Bunker ...... .22 Mag ammo Winchester Super-X FMJ 40gr - 5 50rd boxes - $80. shipped this is the White Box with the Orange & Red Stripe Winchester Super-X Hollow Point 30gr - 5 50rd boxes - $80 shipped this is the White Box with the Orange & Red Stripe CCI MAXI-MAG 40gr FMJ - 1875 FPS -- 5 50rd Boxes - $80 shipped In the CCI Plastic Boxes CCI MAXI-MINI Shotshells [ 1/8 oz. #11 shot 170 pellets ] 6 1/2 trays - 132rds / $60 shipped UBER RARE Vintage70's US LakeCity 7.62x39 10rds/$30shipped 7.62x25 pistol/SMG ammo NC BE 13 1/2 boxes, $125.00 U.S. 1911 .45 acp Ammo 22 boxes 1100 rds, $550 50 BMG Tracer, 100 round's in a GI .50 cal can ------------ $165 7.62 x 39mm Tracer, 500 round's in a GI .30 cal can ----- $275 5.56mm Tracer, 1000 round's in a GI .50 cal can ---------- $300 I have 5 cases of 8MM Romanian ammo (total 3,800 rounds). Comes in sealed 380 round tins. Two (2) tins per crate. Each crate comes with a spam can opener. $200.00 per tin or $400.00 per crate M8 API Pulled Projectiles in DFW Only $1500 1. Winchester M193 5.56mm 55gr ball (1000rd case). $450.00 2. IMI M855 5.56mm 62gr w/ steel core penetrator (1200rd case). $525.00 3. Russian 7N6 5.45 53gr (2160rd crate). $500.00 5,000 M27-SAW Links / $100 ReplyForward
  3. Answered my WTB Steyr parts ad, Sent a pic of a Steyr MPI 69 kit, I asked for 1.00 bill pic with other side, No response of course, BEWARE His phone number I called Jamaican-like accent said it was his .......Grant Vaters, needs 400.00 M.O./ LOL phone number he gave and answered 912 295-4187 Ga. # but said he was in AZ. tried to look up IP but couldn't get it , Not sure I did it right Hope this saves somebody Greg at Alpine Military Concepts
  4. This user palaciosmigue on this forum PM'd me replying to my WTB ad for Stoner parts. He sent me pictures that were from a post of Stoner parts claiming he owned them. He wanted money sent via to him. The info he sent is as follows. His e-mail he uses is Culichi Store <> I caught him with Google reverse image search on what he sent me. I asked for a different angle on one of the pictured items knowing that if he did not have it he could not find it on the internet. He stopped answering emails after this and has since went into hiding. Be wary of this guy, he is out to scam you.