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  1. Ok, These are the last 2 M249 SAW Mags I have that I was saving as my own personal stash. Loading Guide is inside the 200 rounder. Both magazine pouches fit nicely into the carry pouch if the 100 rounder is kept empty. So I am trying to sell the three pieces together, but if you want just one piece, message me... 1 ~~~ M249 SAW F.N. 200 Round Nut Sack - NEW 1 ~~~ M249 SAW 200 Round Magazine Pouch - USED ,Very Good Condition. 1 ~~~ M249 SAW F.N. 100 Round Nut Sack - USED, maybe New? , Very Good Condition All three items above are $100 - Shipped Priority Mail to lower 48. ( pics below) To purchase any of the items above you need to message me here or, call or text me at Seven - Seven - Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. I will take PayPal payment for the items. The only other items left for sale in this listing are the Helmet and the Powder Scale. ~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~2 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 200 Round Nut Sacks / Magazines in Digital Camo that are in very good condition. The inside flap, when opened, has the diagram of how the belt should be layered in the magazine If they went through more than a couple belts of ammo I would be surprised. The sacks have a little dirt on them but if you hand wash them they might just look like new. You can tell by the rigid tops that they have very little, if any use. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $50 Each + Shipping~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~~ ~~~~~~SOLD~~~~~1 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 200 Round Nut Sack / Magazine in Woodland Camo. The sack is slightly dirty, will wash up nice, but no excessive visible wear on it. The normal wear from use you will see on the solid polymer top part. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $45 + Shipping~~~SOLD~~~ ~~~SOLD~~~1 - M249 .223 Cal F.N. 100 Round Nut Sack / Magazine in Woodland Camo. (in Pics Above). The sack has some minor visible wear on 2 bottom corners on the side that has the 2 polymer strips sewn in for rigidity. And same as above, the most wear you will see on the upper rigid polymer top part of the magazine. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ $30 + Shipping~~~SOLD~~~ ~~~SOLD~~~1 - M249 200 Round Nut Sack / Magazine Pouch , Used with visible wear but fully functional and has 2 slits cut on the sides to make magazine removal easier, I guess. ~ ~ ~ $10 But only with purchase of Magazines.~~~SOLD~~~ 1 - PASGT Helmet w/ Digital Camo Cover & Chin Strap, Size - Small , By Specialty Plastic Products , DLA 100-88-C-4397 , NSN 8470-01 092-7526 This helmet is in very good condition, it has the old 2 point chin strap. It is the first in the series of modern helmets that started in the early 80s. And I am letting it go for the super low price of ~ ~ ~ $45 Shipped to lower 48. 1 - LYMAN PRO 1000 Scale, as you see pictured, looks ok used, missing the calibration weight. ~ ~ ~ $45 shipped to lower 48 Ok, I hope this listing comes out ok. I have not been around for a while. To purchase any of the items above you need to call me at Seven - Seven - Three - 447 - Eight Thousand. Or text me at the same number. I will take PayPal payment for the items. I always prefer to talk to my buyers because I want them to know exactly what they are getting. I am over 60 yrs old , life is too short to be playing games. If you ask about me on the feedback board I am sure there will be nothing but positive reviews. AND please remember to send a zip code so I can calculate shipping cost. And finally, I ship only to The USA, Prefer the lower 48 but will ship to AK, & HI if I have to. As always...first to contact me AND to send Payment gets the Item. If you text or message " I'll take it!" then disappear for the next 12-24 hours and another buyer comes by an hour or two after you and wants to pay right away, Guess who gets the item and who looses? Thanks to everyone for looking at my new load of stuff. I will be adding more all day and all evening today. Even during the game!